FvH Total Elimination
FvH Total Elimination
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Promotion FvH: Faces vs Heels CAW
Date October 21, 2011
Venue Amway Center
City Orlando, Florida
Theme Song "Total Elimination" by Harry Slash and the Slashtones
Last Event FvH Fandemonium
Next Event FvH Moment of Truth


30 Man Total Elimination Battle Royal; Winner gets an FvH Championship Match at Moment of Truth

FvH Championship
Simon Phoenix (c) vs. Lion-O

FvH Vixens Championship
Emma Frost (c) vs. Mystique

Handicap match
TJ Combo vs. Team Phoenix (Balrog & Nathan Jones)

Six Vixen Rumble; Winner gets an FvH Vixens Championship Match at Moment of Truth
Faye Valentine vs. Omarosa vs. Princess Allura vs. Trinity vs. Gina Carano vs. B. Orchid


# Results Stipulations
Preshow CSI (Gil Grissom & Horatio Caine) defeated Miami Heat (Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh) Tag Team match
1 TJ Combo defeated Team Phoenix (Balrog & Nathan Jones) Handicap match
2 Simon Phoenix (c) defeated Lion-O Singles match for the FvH Championship
3 Faye Valentine defeated B. Orchid, Gina Carano, Princess Allura, Omarosa and Trinity Six Vixen Rumble
4 Mystique defeated Emma Frost (c) by disqualification Singles match for the FvH Vixens Championship
5 TJ Combo is the winner 30 Man Total Elimination Battle Royal
  • Preshow - The losing team of the match was out of the 30 man battle royal.
  • 2 - A masked man attacked Lion-O with a steel chair after the lights went out.
  • 5 - Michael Buffer was the special guest ring announcer of the match.

30 Man Total Elimination Battle Royal

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Lion-O 4 John Shaft and Kimbo Slice
2 Kenshiro 1 Lion-O and Cheech
3 Cheech 2 John Shaft
4 John Shaft 7 Lamont Sanford
5 Gil Grissom 3 Lion-O and John Shaft
6 Kimbo Slice 6 John Shaft and Lamont Sanford
7 Keith 5 John Shaft and Kimbo Slice
8 Lamont Sanford 14 Nathan Jones and Lance
9 Colossus 8 Fred G. Sanford and Lamont Sanford
10 Fred G. Sanford 9 Lamont Sanford and Balrog
11 David Copperfield 13 Ernest P. Worrell and Lance
12 Balrog 10 David Copperfield and Lamont Sanford
13 Nathan Jones 17 Ernest P. Worrell and Strider Hiryu
14 Blade 11 David Copperfield and Naztradamix
15 Naztradamix 12 Nathan Jones and David Copperfield
16 Ernest P. Worrell 18 Strider Hiryu and Lance
17 Lance 22 Cheech and TJ Combo
18 Juggernaut 15 Strider Hiryu and Lance
19 Strider Hiryu 19 Lance
20 Shamwow Vince 16 Lance and Ernest P. Worrell
21 Luke Cage 20 Waylon Mercy and Lance
22 Waylon Mercy 21 Lance
23 TJ Combo N/A WINNER
24 Chong 23 Horatio Caine and Doomsday
25 Horatio Caine 24 Doomsday
26 Doomsday 28 TJ Combo
27 Alan Wake 25 Doomsday and Randy Hayes
28 Randy Hayes 26 Doomsday and Axel Foley
29 Axel Foley 27 Shin and Doomsday
30 Shin 29 TJ Combo
  • Guest appearances by John Shaft, Kimbo Slice, Shamwow Vince and Waylon Mercy.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Simon Phoenix asked FvH Commissioner Don King to have his title match early so he can celebrate of his win.
  • Phoenix told Candice Michelle that he had nothing to do with the lights or the masked man that attacked Lion-O. Also, he put up a $5,000 bounty on TJ Combo's head.