FvH Ultimate Jeopardy
FvH Ultimate Jeopardy
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Promotion FvH: Faces vs Heels CAW
Date March 5, 2011
Venue Cajundome
City New Orleans, Louisiana
Theme Song "Judgment Day" by Method Man
Last Event FvH Cruel Intentions
Next Event FvH Fandemonium


Ultimate Jeopardy Match
Kenshiro (FvH Championship) vs. Shin (Leadership in the Dynasty) v. Juggernaut (Eurocontinental Championship) v Strider Hiryu (Honor Code)

Final Jeopardy Rules
Simon Phoenix & Sid 6.7 vs. Luke Cage & Colossus; The person that is either pinned or submits will be fired from FvH effective immediately.

Lion-O vs. David Copperfield

FvH Vixens Championship
Mystique (c) vs. Princess Allura

TJ Combo vs. Balrog's Chosen Opponent; If Combo wins, he faces Balrog at Fandemonium.

FvH Tag Team Championship
Team CSI (c) vs. Cheech & Chong

Elimination Tag Match
Jun Kazama & B. Orchid vs. Fatal Foreplay


# Result Stipulations
Preshow The Matrix (Neo & Morpheus) def. Double Dragon (Billy Lee & Jimmy Lee) Tag Team Match
1 TJ Combo def. Nathan Jones Singles Match
2 Team CSI (Grim Grissom & Horatio Caine) (c) def. Cheech & Chong Tag Team Match for the FvH Tag Team Championship
3 Luke Cage & Colossus def. Simon Phoenix & Sid 6.7 Final Jeopardy Rules
4 Mystique (c) def. Princess Allura Singles Match for the FvH Vixens Championship
5 Fatal Foreplay (Emma Frost & Poison Ivy) def. B. Orchid & Gina Carano Elimination Tag Match
6 Lion-O def. David Copperfield Singles Match
7 Juggernaut def. Kenshiro, Shin and Strider Hiryu Ultimate Jeopardy Match (Juggernauts pins Shin and becomes the new leader of the Dynasty)
  • 1 - Nathan Jones was handpicked by Balrog to be Combo's opponent.
  • 2 - During the match, the theme song of Sanford & Son was played and distracted Cheech. After the match, Sanford & Son came out and laid out both Cheech & Chong.
  • 3 - Phoenix left Sid high and dry during the match. Due to the pre-match stipulation, Sid is gone from FvH forever.
  • 4 - Elle Driver interfered and cost Princess Allura the match.
  • 5 - Carano took Jun Kazama's place in the match. The fans thought Faye Valentine was the new member of Fatal Foreplay but it was none other than Carano.
  • 6 - Copperfield use a steel chair on Lion-O and he was dq'ed because of that.
  • 7 - Due to the pre-match stipulation, Juggernaut is the new leader of the Dynasty.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Jun Kazama was laid out in the back by the third member of Fatal Foreplay.
  • FvH Commissioner Don King' made an announcement that the winner of the Ultimate Jeopardy match gets the opportunity to name their own match for the main event of ThrowDown #21.
  • A limo driver got payed by Fatal Foreplay to show Faye Valentine the sights and passed up the arena twice. Faye was furious and unleashed her anger on Candice Michelle.
  • Miami Heat (Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh) announced themselves as the new FvH tag team.