Ultimate Jeopardy 2
Tagline(s) "Will you go 'All In' to win?"
Promotion FvH: Faces vs Heels CAW
Date January 2016
Venue Mohegan Sun Arena
City Uncasville, CT
Theme Song "Trust" (Instrumental) by Megadeth
Last Event FvH Cruel Intentions II
Next Event FvH Fandemonium II


Triple Threat Match for the FvH Championship
Lion-O (c) vs. Balrog vs. TJ Combo

Ultimate Jeopardy Match
Shin (FvH Title Shot) vs. Juggernaut (Eurocontinental Championship) vs. Doomsday (The Dynasty's Existence) vs. Axel Foley (FvH Career)

Final Jeopardy Match
Simon Phoenix & Nathan Jones vs. Sid 6.7 & Colossus; The person that is either pinned or submits will be fired from FvH effective immediately.

FvH Vixens Championship
Emma Frost (c) vs. Gina Carano - Special Referee: Poison Ivy

Jubilee & Jun Kazama vs. The Williams Sisters (Nina Williams & Anna Williams)

FvH Tag Team Championship
Sanford & Son (c) vs. The Matrix

Prelude to Pain
Princess Allura vs. Kitana


# Result Stipulation
Preshow Princess Kitana def. Princess Allura Singles Match
1 Sid 6.7 & Colossus def. Simon Phoenix & Nathan Jones Final Jeopardy Match
2 Sanford & Son (Fred G. Sanford & Lamont Sanford) (c) def. The Matrix (Neo & Morpheus) Tag Team Match for the FvH Tag Team Championship
3 The Williams Sisters (Nina Williams & Anna Williams) def. Jubilee & Jun Kazama Women's Tag Team Match
4 Shin def. Juggernaut, Doomsday and Axel Foley Ultimate Jeopardy Match
5 Emma Frost (c) def. Gina Carano Singles Match for the FvH Vixens Championship - Poison Ivy is the Special Referee
6 Lion-O (c) def. TJ Combo and Balrog Triple Threat Match for the FvH Championship
  • 1 - As per match stipulation, Nathan Jones is fired from FvH. After the match, Phoenix attacked Jones with an MDK. Jones was able to fight him off.
  • 2 - After the match, The Matrix assaulted Sanford & Son.
  • 4 - Before the match, Juggernaut attacked Foley from behind. In the final moments of the match, Doomsday chokeslamed Juggernaut from the top rope through the commentary table. As per match stipulation of Shin pinning Doomsday, The Dynasty is no more.
  • 5 - Poison Ivy stopped Gina performing the Carano Crusher during the match. After the match, Emma & Gina attacked each other until Ivy stopped them.
  • 6 - Before the match, Balrog assaulted Lion-O from behind. During the match, Combo attacked Balrog letting Lion-o take the win.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Shin and Doomsday talked about teaming up during the Ultimate Jeopardy Match later tonight.
  • Frost announced that Orchid will run the Gauntlet on Throwdown #53 and if Orchid beat both Carano & Ivy, she'll get a shot at the Vixens Championship, but if she lost then she won't get another title shot as long Frost is the champion.
  • CSI (Gil Grissom & Horatio Caine) wanted Miami Heat (Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh) out for hiring Cheech & Chong to attack them. Miami Heat announced the reason why. CSI defeated Miami Heat at Total Elimination where the winners got to be in the Total Elimination Battle Royal.
  • Backstage, Balrog ambushed TJ Combo as Combo was getting ready for the main event.