GCW Evolution

GCW Evolution
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Promotion Global CAW Wrestling
Date April 25, 2010
Venue GCW Arena in the Manhattan Center
City New York City
Theme Song "Evolution" by James A. Johnston
Last Event First ever GCW show
Next Event 2010 GCW America's Cup

Card: GCW Light Heavyweight Championship: Blake Styles vs. "Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens vs. Wild Lobo vs. Kevyn Kash vs. The Disco Kid vs. Tommy Ryan

GCW Women's Championship Battle Royal: Jessica Lendosa vs. Kelly Blanc vs. Dark Angel vs. Ruby vs. Elena Vasquez vs. Christina Hoyte vs. Mini vs. Jillian Sabrina vs. Sapphire vs. Genevive

GCW Hardcore Championship: 20-Minute Championship Scramble: "American Made Muscle" Tony MacDaniels vs. "The King of Ridiculous" ExtremeDan vs. Ken Brington vs. General Platte vs. The Rockin' Freebird

Handicap Match: English Elite vs. Ben Hitman

GCW Tag Team Championship: New Age Radicals vs. New York Connection

GCW International Championship: General Platte vs. General Larry Platt

GCW Youtube Championship: Elimination Chamber: Ben Hitman vs. Andy Williams vs. James Nicholas vs. Alex Williams vs. Jake Robin vs. The Disco Kid

GCW Championship: Napoleon vs. Epic Ball vs. Mr. Canada vs. Icedude

GCW World Heavyweight Championship: Reaper X vs. Brent Thompson vs. Quick Silver

Winners: 1. "Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens 2. Mini 3. Ken Brington 4. Ben Hitman 5. New Age Radicals 6. General Larry Platt 7. The Disco Kid 8. Icedude 9. Brent Thompson


4. English Elite called out the man who replaced Jack London on the roster. 5. New York Connection originally won the match by DQ when their manager, Elena Vasquez, was attacked but GCW Owner YankeeBoi50 said Elena Vasquez stuck her nose in the match too much.

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