GCW Judgment Day 2010

GCW Judgment Day
GCW Judgment Day Poster
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Promotion Global CAW Wrestling
Date November 21, 2010
Venue 1st Mariner Arena
City Baltimore, Maryland
Theme Song "Blood On My Hands" by The Used
Last Event 2010 GCW America's Cup
Next Event GCW Night of Champions 2011

Card: MAIN EVENT: GCW World Heavyweight Championship: (C.)Brent Thompson vs. Quick Silver

GCW Championship: (C.)Icedude vs. Mr. Canada

GCW Light Heavyweight Championship: (C.)"Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens vs. Tommy Ryan

GCW International Championship & Naming Rights: (C.)General Larry Platt vs. General Platte

GCW Tag Team Championship: (C.)New Age Radicals vs. New York Connection

Ben Hitman vs. Alex Williams

GCW Youtube Championship: Steel Cage Match: (C.)The Disco Kid vs. Napoleon

GCW Women's Championship: (C.)Mini & Dark Angel vs. The Beautiful People


# Matches Stipulations
PreShow Reigns Brothers (Chad & Dan) & Tony MacDaniels def. Mindfreak, Reaper X, & Venom 6-Man Tag Team match
1 Ben Hitman def. Alex Williams Singles Match
2 Napoleon def. (c)The Disco Kid Steel Cage Match for the GCW Youtube Championship
3 (c)"Mr. Amazing" Rodney Stevens def. Tommy Ryan Singles Match for the GCW Light Heavyweight Championship
4 The Beautiful People (Ruby & Sapphire) def. (c)Mini & Dark Angel Tag team Match for the GCW Women's Championship
5 General Platte def. (c)General Larry Platt Singles Match for the International Championship and Naming Rights
6 Mr. Canada def. (c)Icedude Singles Match for the GCW Championship
7 New York Connection (Justin Mayne & Chris Castinalo w/Elena Vasquez) def. (c)New Age Radicals (D-Mack & Shamus McCoy) Tag Team Match for the GCW Tag Team Championship
8 Brent Thompson vs. Quick Silver went to a No Contest Singles Match for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship

Notes: 1. Shawn O'Connor threatened to fire Ben Hitman if he made Alex Williams tap out. 3. Tommy Ryan had the match won, and Stevens used the ropes for the pin 4. Ruby pinned Mini to become the new GCW Women's Championship 5. A promo for Eric Andrew Stedman Test played while General Platte was beating down Larry Platt after the match 6. Shawn O'Connor interfered 7. New Age Radicals originally won by DQ but Elena Vasquez was ejected from ringside and her career was put on the line when the match restarted. Shamus McCoy walked out and turned on D-Mack. 8. Both men were DQ'd for using the title belt