The GWEF Championship will be the main championship on the Extreme Brand. The final champion before the brand merger was Double D. The Current Champion in John Cena.

GWEF Championship
Current champion(s) John Cena
Date Won GWEF Triple Threat
League GWEF
Brand GWEF Extreme
Introduced August 13th, 2011
Retired June 25th, 2011
Most reigns All tied at 1
First Champion Tony
Last Champion Double D (1st retirement)
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WrestlerTimes WonNotesBrand
Tony1Won the Title in a 4 Man Battle Royal at Redemption HourDemolish
Floyd Mayweather1Defeated Tony at Champs DestinyDemolish
Evan Bourne1Won the Vacant Title on MidcardDemolish
Randy Orton1Defeated Evan Bourne on DemolishDemolish
Ted DiBiase1Won the Title in a Scramble MatchDemolish
Matt Hardy1Defeated Ted DiBiase on DemolishDemolish
Brian Adams1Defeated Matt Hardy at Superstars vs CAWSDemolish
The Miz1Swapped Titles With Brian AdamsKilladown
Chris Jericho1Interim ChampionExtreme
Mr. Kennedy1Won the Simple 4 Way Match at Resiliency TimeExtreme
Double D1Defeated Mr. Kennedy, Jack Swagger, and The Miz on Extreme.Extreme
VacantN/ATitle being brought back to the GWEF</tdExtreme
John Cena1Defeated Earl Jackson and Rey Mysterio at Triple Threat.Extreme

e v GWEF Championships
Demolish Championships World Heavyweight Championship  · Hardcore Championship · Intercontinental Championship
Extreme Championships GWEF Championship · United States Championship
Tag Team ChampionshipsGWEF Tag Team Championship
Accomplishments: GWEF Triple Crown/Grand Slam

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