GWEF Champs Destiny will feature all the titles being defended in the CPV.

GWEF Champs Destiny
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Promotion GWEF
Date April 2nd, 2011
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City Philadelphia, PA
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Last Event GWEF One Night Revenge
Next Event GWEF Superstars vs CAWS 2

Match Card

Match order may be subject to change.


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Pre James Sanders def. The Quiz Singles Match
1John Cena def. James Rolfe to retainSingles Match for the United States Championship
1-1 James Rolfe def. John Cena (New Champion) Singles Match for the United States Championship (If John Cena loses, gets DQ'd, Counted out, or if somebody interferes, he will lose the title and will not receive a rematch)
2Dave Stevens def. The Miz (New Champion)Singles Match for the Intercontiental Championship (If Dave Stevens gets counted out, or DQ'd, he will be fired)
3 Sheamus def. The Rock Singles Match
4Trace Negative & Batista def. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler to retainTag Team Match for the GWEF Tag Team Championship
5James Lovitz def. Drew McIntyre, Floyd Mayweathe,and Blue Ranger to retain4-Man Battle Royal for the Hardcore Championship
6 Randy Orton def. Blue Singles Match
MainDouble D (c) vs Matt Hardy (Match ended in a draw)20-Minute Ironman Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Main-1 Matt Hardy def. Double D (New Champion? 10-Minute Sudden Death for the World Heavyweight Championship


  • 1: John Cena used a chair to win the match.
  • 1-1: Impromptu Title Match made by GWEF Owner Chris Jericho
  • Main-1: Main Event ended in a draw, thus creating a Sudden Death Match