GWEF Democracy is the 2nd-To-Last CPV for the GWEF.This CPV will be the first CPV that the GWEF has under the 1 Brand format.

GWEF Democracy
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Promotion GWEF
Date July 4th ,2010
Venue Staples Center
City Los Angeles, California
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Last Event GWEF Wild Card
Next Event GWEF Frenzy


So far, 5 matches are announced.

1Green Guy last eliminated Burger King (New Champion)Battle Royal for the Hardcore Championship
2Red & Blue Power Rangers def. James Sanders & Stewie Griffin to retainTag Team Match for the GWEF Tag Team Championship
3John Cena def. Shawn Grabna (New Champion)Street Fight for the United States Championship (If Cena loses, all WWE Superstars that the GWEF has will be fired and future WWE Superstars will be banned)
4Dave Stevens def. Matt Hardy to retainSingles Match for the Killadown Championship
MainBrian Adams def. Chris Jericho to retainTables Match for the World Heavyweight Championship (If Adams loses, he is fired from the GWEF)

10-Man Battle Royal Results

DrawEntrantEliminated By#
1Double D ??????
2The Quiz??????
3Rey Mysterio??????
4Earl Jackson??????
5Dig Slow??????
7Red GuyGreen Guy???
8 Green Guy Winner Winner
9Burger KingGreen Guy9th
10Blue GuyRed Guy, Green Guy, Burger King8th
  • The Winner will be HIGHLIGHTED in Purple.
  • The order and Superstars listed is subject to change



  • 3= Rey Mysterio attacked Shawn Grabna making Cena win the match.
  • Main= CM Punk attacked Chris Jericho, thus making Brian Adams win the match.