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Nagging Rights is the Survivor Series PPV for the GWEF. The feature of this CPV is the 3 on 3 Elimination Tag Team Match featuring Superstars from Demolish, Extreme, and Killadown.

GWEF Nagging Rights
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Promotion GWEF
Date May 15, 2010
Venue TBD
City Washington, D.C.
Theme Song TBD
Last Event GWEF No Remorse
Next Event GWEF Resiliency Time


So far, Only 6 Matches have been announced. All but one Match in this card are all Inter-Brand Matches

# Results Stipulation Brand
1 Team Jeff (Jeff Hardy, Earl Jackson, and Vladimir Kozlov) defeated Team Matt (Matt Hardy, Dig Slow, and The Miz) 6-Man Tag Team Match Inter-Brand
2 Double D & Eddy defeated Red & Green Title Swap Match (GWEF Tag Team/World Tag Team Titles) Extreme/Demolish
3 Team Orton (Randy Orton, Triple H, and John Cena) defeated Team Morrison (John Morrison, Shawn Michaels, and Shawn Grabna) 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match Inter-Brand
4 Jack Swagger defeated Rey Mysterio Jack Swager's All-American American Challenge Extreme
5 The Rock defeated Steve Austin Title Swap Match (United States/Intercontiental Titles) Extreme/Demolish
Main-A The Miz defeated Chris Jericho (New Champion) Interview Space Brawl for the World Heavyweight Championship Extreme/Killadown
Main Brian Adams defeated The Miz Title Swap Match (GWEF Title/World Heavyweight Titles) Extreme/Demolish

Other things

  • Title Swap Matches: Winner will receive the opponents titles. (Ex.:Extreme Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy defeated GWEF Champion Randy Orton to gain the GWEF Title and Randy Orton gets the Extreme Heavyweight Championship.)
  • Main-A- Miz cashed in Money in the Bank

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