The United States Championship is a Midcard Championship in the GWEF . Triple H was the 1st Champion but currently, James Lovitz has it and is in his 1st reign.

GWEF United States Championship
Current champion(s) James Lovitz
Date Won GWEF All-Stars Episode 104
League GWEF
Brand GWEF Extreme
Introduced August 209
Retired Never
Most reigns James Rolfe (3 Reigns)
First Champion Triple H
Last Champion Unknown
Longest Reign John Cena (July-April)
Shortest Reign Unknown
Heaviest Champion Unknown
Lightest Champion Unknown
Other Name(s) GWEF Patriot Championship
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WrestlerTimes WonNotesBrand
Triple H1Defeated Burger King at the World PremiereDemolish
Tazz1Won the Title at Redemption HourDemolish
Matt Hardy1Won the Vacant Title at DemolishKilladown*
The Rock1Defeated Matt Hardy at No Way OutDemolish
Jeff Hardy1Defeated The Rock on DemolishDemolish
The Rock2Defeated Jeff Hardy on DemolishDemolish
Stone Cold Steve Austin1Swapped titles with The RockExtreme
James Rolfe1Defeated Stone Cold on All-StarsGuest*
Edge1Defeated James Rolfe at Resiliency TimeExtreme
Shawn Grabna1Defeated Burger King for the Vacated Title on DemolishDemolish
John Cena1Defeated Shawn Grabna at Democracy.Demolish
James Rolfe2Defeated John Cena at Champs Destiny.Demolish
John Cena2Defeated James Rolfe at Superstars vs CAWS 2Demolish
VacantN/AVacated on Demolish Episode 97Demolish
James Rolfe 3Won the vacant title on DemolishDemolish-Extreme
James Lovitz 1Defeated James Rolfe on All-Stars Episode 104 Extreme
  • Because the United States Championship was on the Demolish Brand in November, Matt Hardy jumped to Demolish.

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