The World Heavyweight Championship is the Top World Title in the GWEF. The First World Heavyweight Champion was Bobby Lashley. As of now, The Miz has the belt and is in his second reign.

GWEF World Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) The Miz
Date Won GWEF Demolish Episode 110
League GWEF
Brand GWEF Demolish
Introduced August 2009
Retired None
Most reigns Chris Jericho (3 Reigns)
First Champion Bobby Lashley
Last Champion None
Longest Reign Brian Adams (May-August)
Shortest Reign Chris Jericho (2 Days)
Heaviest Champion Unknown
Lightest Champion Brian Adams (220 lbs)
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WrestlerTimes WonNotesBrand
Bobby Lashley1Defeated Chris Benoit at Killadown.Killadown
Chris Benoit1Defeated Bobby Lashley at Killadown.Killadown
Randy Orton1Awarded the title after the move to Smackdown vs Raw 2009.Killadown
MVP1Defeated Randy Orton at Champs Destiny.Killadown
Jack Swagger1Defeated MVP on Extreme.Demolish*
John Cena1Defeated Jack Swagger on Midcard to unify Both the Extreme and World Heavyweight Titles. Extreme Heavyweight Championship.Extreme
Chris Jericho1Won the title at No Way Out. Extreme Heavyweight Championship.Extreme
Shawn Grabna1Won the Title on All-Stars. Extreme Heavyweight Championship.Extreme
Edge1Won the Title at Superstars vs CAWS. Extreme Heavyweight Championship.Extreme
Chris Jericho2Defeated Edge at No Remorse.Extreme
The Miz1Defeated Chris Jericho at Nagging Rights.Extreme
Brian Adams1Swapped Titles With The Miz.Demolish
Chris Jericho3Defeated Brian Adams at Frenzy in a TLC Match.Demolish
Vacant?Title Vacated immediately after Frenzy.Demolish
CM Punk1Won the Vacant Title at Showtime.Demolish
Matt Hardy 1Defeated CM Punk at One Night Revenge.Demolish
Double D 1Cashed in Money in the Bank on Matt Hardy at One Night Revenge.Demolish
Matt Hardy 2Defeated Double D at Champs DestinyDemolish
The Miz2 Defeated Matt Hardy on Demolish Episode 110.Demolish

  • Because the World Heavyweight Title being an Extreme Branded Title in November, Jack Swagger jumped to Extreme.

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