GXV World Heavyweight Championship
GXV World Heavyweight Championship (1)
Current champion(s) Broly
Date Won October 21, 2014
League Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation
Brand GXV
Introduced April 13, 2013
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First Champion Chris Red
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Longest Reign Broly (641+ Days)
Shortest Reign Chris Red (56 Days)
Heaviest Champion Broly (500+ lbs)
Lightest Champion Wayne Marley (??? lbs)
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Title History

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Chris Red 1 April 13, 2013 56 Days Dayton, OH GXV Ep. 1 Red is crowned as GXV World Heavyweight Champion by GXV GM, Shane McMahon.
Vaughn Kreed 1 June 8, 2013 95 Days London, England, UK TNXA/GXV RAW is WAR Tour 2013 (Unaired)
Vacant September 11, 2013 Vaughn Kreed was stripped of the title for being involved with Criminal activity with Avalon.
Wayne Marley 1 November 15, 2013 340 Days Lafayette, IN GXV Ep. 3 Marley defeated Jadeite, Sherman Samson, Smokey, Broly, and Itsuki Koizumi in a 6-Man Battle Royal for the vacant GXV World Heavyweight Championship.
Broly 1 October 21, 2014 1248+ Frat Row, Stilwater GXV Ep. 4: Takeover Special This was an Extreme Rules match that was also for Broly's TNXA Hardcore Championship