Global Extreme Wrestling is a Wrestling Fed by GMRStar that has been going on for five years.

How did it began

GMRStar has always been a fan of Wrestling so he then decided once he got a Smackdown VS Raw 2010 for the Wii he would start his own Caw Fed GWF [Global Wrestling Fedaration ] it keep that name untel he got WWE 13 then it got change to Global Exstrme Wrestling doe sadly it has yet come to a Video Social Chanel


the Roster of GEW Fetchers Original Like Austin Juhasz and GMRSTARS own Caw The GMR ,Fiction Like Goku From Dragon Ball Z or Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Real Life Wrestlers [namely the roster in the WWE Game they are using

note [for most of the year the wrestlers are put into four Brands 3 for guys[Smashface,Shockwave and All Stars ] and one womans Brand [Battlefeld ] however near The Highway to Starmania Time the Brands are destroyed and come back in the Draft.

also note right now GEW is in a 8 way Stable war between Face stables Desecration [Austin Juhasz Group he founded in OCBF ] The Rules of Nature [The GMR's Group] The Z Warriors [Goku's Group ] SCUM [Montys Group ] and the heel Groups The Evil Corruption [Frieza's group] The Bullet Club [Smugys Group ] The Dangerous Alliance [Pule Haymens Group] and the Athority [Triple H's Group] 

Note the Roster is yet to be finished 

Name  Persanality[only if its one of the OC's] Finishers Championships and other Acumpleshments   Theme Song  Stable war Team


[Face ]

Rebbiues,Outspoken and cares about the Fans 

G-Bomb [Air Raid Siren]

Scotts Cutter [Dimond Cutter]

The Suck it [the Heart Lock 

5x GEW Champion

International Champion 

Legends Champion

6x Tag Team Champion

17 Time Hardcore Champion 

2011 Royal Rumble winner

2013 Turnement winner

2010 Breakout Star of the Year 

2011 Superstar of the Year

Edge of a Revolution By Nickelback  Rules of Nature 

Triple H

[Heel ]

Uneeded  Pedagree

2x GEW Champion 

World Hevaywaite Champion

4 Time GEW Tag Team Champion

2011 Turnement winner

King of Kings by Moterhead  The Athority 


[ Mostly a Face,Little bit of a Heel ]

think of the Most angry person in the world X his rage by 50000 and thats Monty when hes Extremley happy so he can be pissed off and when he is your fucked hes best Freinds with Stone Cold 

Mega Monty Bomb [10 Power Bombs in a row ]

The Rage of Monty [Spear ]

4x GEW Champion 

GEW Tag Team Champion with Stone Cold 

World Tag Team Champion with Stonecold

2010 and 2012 Tournement winner 

All Out War winner [2010,2012,2014]

5x Hardcore Champion

The Boss Of GEW since 2012

Unsetting Diffrences by Blue Smoke Nancy  SCUM 




Hail Frieza [holds his opoent up and then spears him ]

Chokeslam Of the Ice Demons

World Heaveywate Champion [current]

X-Whight Champion 

Evil Suspince By Bruce Falcon  Evil Curruption 




Kamehameha[Twist of Fate]

Spirt Bomb[Swanton Bomb]

Dragon Fist [Heart Punch ]

Dragon Sleaper

Money in the Bank [for World Heaveywaite Championship match ] Super Saiyan 3 theme  Z-Warriors 


[Face ]

a Mafia Boss Like Gimmic  Mafia Lock[Busten Crab ] 2 time Hardcore Champion

Shoot them

by [Q]Brick

The Bullet Club 

Austin Juhasz

[Face ]


Death worrent 

Impailer DDT

Hardcore Champion  Beg for Mercy By Ocian Divide Desacration 

Brock Leasnar


None  F-5 Undesbuted Champion  The Next Big Thing by Jim Johnston  Dangerus Allience 


[Heel ]

None  Nutaliser,Upercut  None yet  Swiss Made  Bullet Club 


[Heel ]

None  Batista Bomb 

3 Time ECW/WCW/All Stars Champion 

World Tag Team champion with Randy Orton 

I Walk Along by Saliva  Bullet Club 

Daniel Bryan 

[Face ] 


Yes Lock

Running Knee 

GEW Champion 

International Champion 

2xWorld Tag Team Champion [with Kane and GMR [Current ]]

Flight of The Valkyries by Jim Johnston  Rules of Nature 

Randy Orton 

[Tweener ]



Punt Knee 

3 TimeGEW/WWE Champion 

World Tag Team Champion with Batista 

Voices by Rev Theory  None 
Ric Flare  None  Finger Four Leg Lock 

4 Time ECW,WCW,All Stars Champion 

16 Time Hardcore Champion 

ECW,WCW,All Stars Tag Team Champion with Arn Anderson 

Dawn Section of tone Poem also Sprach Zarathustra by Ritchard Strauss  None 


[Heel ]

None  Spear

2 Time GEW Champion

4 Time World Heaveywaite Champion 

Tag team Champion with Christ Jericho 

20 time Hardcore Champion 

Metalingus by Alter Bridge  Dangerus Allience 

Stone Cold Steve Austin

[Face ] 

None  Stone Cold Stunner 

GEW Champion 

2013 Royal Rumbel winner 

Final WWE Champion under GEW Brand 

GEW Tag Team Champion with Monty 

GEW World Tag team Champion with Monty 

15 Time Hardcore Champion 

Glass Shatters by Desterbed  SCUM

John Cena 

[Heel ]




GEW Champion [his reign was earised from the history books ]

GEW WWE Champion 

10 Time hardcore Champion 

My Time is Now by John Cena and The Trademac  The Athority

Fabulous Lion 


Lion is .......uh Lion is ...........ok he says hes a Fag but hes not really a Fag he just says it to get attengion also hes an idiot 

The Faggy Streech 

[Amdomenal Stretch ]

GEW Champion  

2X International Champion 

6 GEW  time Tag Team Champion[1 with Helmsley,3 with Santa,1 with Tommy Vercity and one with Little Fag ]

40 time Hardcore Champion  

Real man's Man by Jim Johnston 


[doe he keeps trying to get into one ]

Tommy Vercity

[Face ]

None  Vice City Crusher [Impailr DDT]

Tag Team Champion with Lion 

5 time Hardcore Champion 

Vice City Theme  SCUM

Fat Ed Tubbs 

[Face ]


F'N Stunner [a Headbut and stunner combanation ]

Hardcore Champion

3 time X whaite Champion 

Dirty Angel by Voodoo Johnston  SCUM 

The Big Man 


None  a wee Present from the Big Man [KO Punch ] 7 time Hardcore Champion  Dirty Angel by Voodoo Jonston  SCUM 

The Great Khali 

[Face ]


Teams and Stables 

Desecration [Austin Juhasz,Broly,Deadpool,El Novino,Vegeta,Future Trunks,Samus,Jade and Lala ] 

Evil Curruption [Frieza,Cell,Majin Buu,Ganondorth,Bowser,Freddy Kurgaer,Pennywise,Montin,JBL,Elina ]

Rules of Nature [GMR,Ritcerd Kenobi,CM Punk,Danile Bryan,Drew Galloway,Christin Cage,Kofi Kingsten,Big E,AJ Lee,Bre Bella,Kasumi  ]

The Bullet Club [Smugy,Batista,Cesaro,"Bad Ass "Bart,Myst Montone,Revy,Bad New Barret,]

SCUM [ Monty,Stone Cold,Fat Ed,Khail Drogo,The Great Khali,The Big Man,Tever Philps,Michel Des Santa,Franklin ] 

The New Dangerus Allience [Brock Leasnar,Cody Rhodes,MR Perfect,Edge,King Kong Bundy,Big John Studd,Mr Teddy,Hong Kong Gohan  ]

The Z Warriors [Goku,Bluie,Cheetah,Ponoman,Big Rhino,Goldberg,RVD,Piccolo,AJ Styles,Sora,Riku Kairi,Hulk Hohan]

The Athority [Triple H,Stephanne McMohan,Mr McMohan,Kevin Nash,Scott Hall,X Pack,Big Show,Seth Rollins,Team GT [Pan and Bra],Gotenks[Goten and Trunks],Team PG [Helmsley,Damian Sandow,The Miz,John Cena,David Otunga ]

The Woman Revolution[Android 18,The Bride Batrix Kiddo,Nacey Calahan,Queen Bi'ch and Pantresha] 

The Faces Of Fear [Brey Wayatt,Earic Rowan,Luke Harper,Greedy and MR PoPO]

The Anti Divas[Paige and GMK ] 


GEW Champion  Pornoman JR

GEW World Heavywaite Champion Frieza 

GEW All Stars Champion Blue'ie

GEW Womans Champion Android 18 

GEW International Championship Alister Morgan 

GEW Scottish Champion Homer J Simpson 

GEW Telivishion Champion Cell 

GEW Glamber Champion Moka 

GEW Tag Team Champion Danile Bryan and GMR 

GEW World Tag Team Champion The Super Mario Brothers

GEW All Stars ChampionThe Rhino N Ogure[ Big Rhino and Shrek]

GEW  Womans Tag Team Champion The Anti Divas

GEW Hardcore Champion The Great Khali 

X whight Champion Chuckie 

Womans Hardcore Champion Batrix Kiddo 

Other Acumplashements 

The Royal Rumble 

Winner  Year won 
Shawn Michels  2010
The GMR 2011
John Morrison  2012
Stone Cold Stive Austin 2013
Eddie Gurrirow 2014
Winner  Year Won 
Monty 2010
Triple H  2011
Monty [again ] 2012
GMR 2013
Bluie  2014

All Out War 

[an all out war match is where every Male or Female superstar battle it out in a Multi Man Falls out anywhere/Last Man standing the winner would get the shot at The GEW Championship at the next PPV]

Winners Year won 
Monty  2011 
Kelly kelly  2011
Cheetah 2012
Natalya 2012
Danile Bryan  2013
Lita  2013

Current Money in the Bank holders 

Current Holder/cashed in Holder for witch Belt  Notes 
Queen B'ch  Womans Hardcore Championship note when she does cash in like the Mens Hardcore Championship if she wins it as long as she is the champion the 24/7 well not take place untel she loses it
Samus Arain -Juhasz Glamber Championship 
Revy  GEW Womans Championship 
Chuckie X whight Championship  Cashed in on Badass Bart then punched in in the dick 50 time and a ko Punch to win the X Whight Championship 
Greedy  Mens Hardcore Championship like its female Counterpart once Greedy cashes in and if he wins the belt the 24/7 rule is inlefored untel he loses 
Bowser  Telivishion Championship  the Evil Curruption wants Bowser to cash in just incase Cell loses the TV Championship........but Bowser has been thinking about Casheing in on Cell after a Talk with his enamy Mario 
Bad News Barrett Scottish Championship  he told everyone after the Chamber that he would cash in after the Scottish Championship Chamber however he was taken out by Jagwar so hes still to cash in 
The Winner Comrade  International Championship 
Kevin Nash   Legends Championship 
Mewtwo All Stars Championship
Goku World Heveywaite Championship 
Kane  GEW Championship  Kane did indeed cash in agenst Pornoman JR however the match was thrown out becouse of the Faces of Fear atacking Kane and Undertaker Monty felt bad for Kane so he give him his case back 

PPVs In 2015 

Wrestlefest [Done ]

Nightmere Chamber [Done ] 

Bloddy Rumble [Next Stop ]

The Show Inbetween something

Starmania 6 

The Aftershock

Lader of Victory 

Day of Fate 

   Past PPV  

Royal Rumbel 2010 

No Way Out 2010 

Wrestle Mania 1 


Judgement Day  

Extreme Rules  

Night of Champions  

The Bash  

Summer Slam  


No Mercey  

Bragging Rights 

Cyber Sunday  

Survivor Serries  



Royal Rumble  

Elimanation Chamber  

Wrestlemania 2  

more to come   

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