The Story

GWA started in January of 2017 by Aussie Andy a new member of the caw community who had done commentary for DCA, WTW and WEDF.

GWA Runs shows in Australia with the roster Austrian and talent from all over the world. The main goal of GWA is to expose new caws to the to the world with new exciting story lines The first show called New Beginnings crown the first 3 champions


GWA Male Roster Info
Alberto Del Rio
Arthur Diamond
Aussie Andy First GWA Tag Team Champion Member of the Pub Club
Australian Dragon
Big Time
Bobby Law
Broken Matt Hardy
Brother Nero
Bushranger Jack
Cody Hall
Dark Soul Member of the Disciples of Darkness
Dean Bash
Fulton Bash
Jack Cage First GWA World Champion
Jake Raid
Johnny Bogan
Magpie Leader of the Disciples of Darkness
Tasmanian Tiger Mask First GWA Tag Team Champion Member of the Pub Club
Tim Richards
Wild Thing
William Diamond
GWA Femal Roster Info
Chainsaw Kelly
Dorothy Williams
Jackie Diamond
Jesse Black
Mad'ém Dark Member of the Disciples of Darkness
Nikki Rose
Sheila Sage First GWA Women's Champion member of the Pub Club

Stables & Tag Teams

Tag Team or Stable Memebers Titles
Backyard Boys Bobby Law & Tim Ricahrds
Bash Brothers Dean & Fulton Bash
Diamond Family Arthur, Jackie & William Diamond
Disciples of Darkness Magpie, Dark Soul & Mad'em Dark
The Pub Club Aussie Andy Tasmanian Tiger Mask & Sheila Sage First GWA Tag Team & Women's Champions

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