Great American Wrestling Alliance (GAWA) is a CAW wrestling company est. in the 90s by: Vincent Reynolds and his brother Andrew Reynolds...

Great American Wrestling Alliance
Acronym GAWA
Establishment Feb, 20th, 1997
Owner(s) Chairman: Vicent W. Reynolds, Vice-Chairman: Andrew W. Reynolds (Current Acting Chairman
Staff 1155
Formerly South-Eastern Marritime Wrestling LLC.
  • Thunder aka: Davis Johanson, Lassitor,Big "D",Tank,Chen Yamashita (Japan),2nd generation superstar Eric Eaglewood, GAWA Hall of Famer Calvin "BLADE" Johnson- Johansen....., HOF Blake "THE DOC" ware.... There will be more GAWA wrestlers + All the female wrestlers that populate the GAWA landscape.... There are many female wrestlers as well:
  • Julia Jenkins, Amber Jenkins (retired), Alexis Johansen, LeAnna Lawson,Brittany Swansen , Holly Duke, Conseighla Martinez, Tiffany Raiyner, GAWA Hall-of-famer Shasha Swansen, GAWA hall-of-famer Pheonix Anderson, Taylor Mooore, Omega (current women's champion), Alyssa Jenkins, Ultra, Loreley, Samatha Craft, Cassidy Robinson, 2nd Generation female wrestler Jenni Ware...The newest GAWA superstar Made his in-ring debut @ GAWA Ignighted his name is: Austin Slaighter, known a GAWAs #1 draft pick, then @ Wrestle-geddon he shocked GAWA fans by winning the GAWA light heavyweight title....
  • Below are PPV Listings:
  • GAWA Wrestlegeddon Est. 1997
  • GAWA Interjection Est. 2002
  • GAWA Winter-Beat-Down Est: 2002
  • More Superstars include: Steven J. Blackmond, High Flyin" Shawn Martin,....
  • The GAWA was Est. May 21st 1976... By: Vincent Reynolds (chairman) & Andrew Reynolds (vice chairman)
  • Current Roster size: 64
  • Shows: GAWA Ignighted, GAWA Makin' the cut, GAWA Independent (Minor League), GAWA Femme Fatales... In addition to GAWA's shows, there will be a new talent recruitment company named: Mid-America Wrestling Alliance(MAWA). This will serve the GAWA for new talent, and development of GAWA superstars that are currently under contract... This company is founded by its chairman Mr. Berry Jenkins (father of the jenkins sister Amber & Julia, Omega, Alyssa, Lydia, and Tanya Jenkins) its CEO is: William Huntley, and Director of incoming talent: Mr. Glen Jackson... Female Wrestler recruiter is his daughter: Amanda Jackson.... MAWA will be the gateway for future talent in GAWA....
  • Femme Fatales Lead: GAWA's Samantha Craft.....
  • The Current GAWA Heavyweight Champion is: Thunder

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