Online CAW League

Grizzly Redwood made his debut in OCL in a losing effort against Bryan Deas. His second OCL match was at the PPV Brawl in Brooklyn 2009 where he defeated both Bryan Deas and Voodoo Zombie in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. Voodoo Zombie wanted to face Grizzly one on one after his loss at Brawl In Brooklyn and he managed to get the victory. After this loss Grizzly had to face the former OCL World Champion Danny Jackpot. Grizzly proved he could hold his own against the former champ but ended up coming up short in the match. Grizzly then had to face off against both Aaron Rogers and Oshujax for the OCL Intercontinental championship. A new IC champion was crowned that night in Aaron Rogers, somehow Grizzly managed to not get pinned. Grizzly then went on to have the best match of his short career in a 4 Way Shoot Match for the OCL World Title against Champion Cosmic, former Champion Danny Jackpot and Voodoo Zombie. The end of the match came with Grizzly and Voodoo both being locked in submissions and tapping out at the same time. Cosmic managed to retain his title. On the first episode of Voltage Grizzly was once again defeated by Voodoo Zombie. On Voltage Episode 2 Grizzly had to face former IC champion Oshujax and came up short. In his most recent match on Voltage episode 3 Grizzly Defeated Bryan Deas to avenge his loss in his debut.


The Last Lumberjack (Double Underhook Backbreaker Rack Drop)

Signature Moves

  • TIMBERRRR!!!!! (Brain Buster)
  • Polish Hammer
  • Exploder Suplex
  • Lariat

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