SAM 1277

Guardian pose

' I was sent here do destroy the evil monsters of this place, and i will.'


Guardian or Heavens Guardian as the fans call him, is a man who came to the RCW only to get rid of the evil creatures that wrestled there. Most commonly, Nightmare, the beast and the devils demon. 

Guardion, like all Rejects, started out as a loser. He lost his first 5 matches. But was able to defeat Christain, 2 times in a row. He later participated in the 16 man tag match to determain if the RCW belonged to the Rejects or the WWE. He was the third reject to be defeated.

Three months later he would later become the rejected champion. Defeating Nightmare, Oreo, and Stickman in a fatal fourway match. He then held the title for 9 weeks before losing it to Jeff the killer in a steel cage match. But was able to defeat jeff for the title a week later. He would then hold it for 4 more weeks until, injury forced him to forfit the title. 

He would then return 3 months later, defeating nightmare to earn a championship match against Youngblood, but was defeated. 

Two weeks later he chalenged Youngblood for the title, and won the title by K.O. But lost the title 3 minites later, by a cash in from the beast.

He is a 3 time Rejected champion.


His rivalrys consist if evil creatures, and black magic weilders. Including.


The beast

The devils demon

Kane ( who was taking time off)

Ashton T. Mister. 


Signature 1, Sit out chokeslam

Signature 2, Scoopslam and Elbowdrop

Finisher 1, Suplex neckbreaker

Finisher 2, Diving brainchop.


Height, 6.7

Weight, 261 pounds

Age, ???

Birthplace, ???

Entrance themes, Gold-lust( Goldust)

Championships, 3 time rejected championship.

Status, Alive and well. Member of the RCW/ Rejected championship wrestling. Article updating as show continues.

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