Names "The iNFAMOUS" Gunther
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 206lbs
Born 9/11/1987
Birthplace Berlin, Germany
Died Is Not Dead
Is Not Dead
Resides Los Angeles,California
Billed from Berlin, Germany
Trained by Self Trained
Debut 2009
Retired Yet To Retire

Gunther Klein, better known by his in ring name "The iNFAMOUS" Gunther, is a German Professional Wrestler Currently Signed in BVW. Gunther is currently a 1 time Hardcore Champion

Bloodsport Wrestling Federation (2010-2011)


Gunther first made his BWF Debut in the Debut of the Y-Type Division in a Battle Royal, in which Gunther won.

The Following Week, Gunther would be contesting against 5 Other Guys in a 6 Man Elimination Match to determine the Y-Type Division Champion. Gunther would be the 2nd Man Eliminated. The Battle Royal would later be won by Nasser Hassan. In 2011, Gunther was supposed to host BWF NXTBT Knockouts Edition.

Feud with Matt Sydal

On BWF Heat Episode 1, Gunther interfered in Matt Sydal's Match against Constantine, throwing a steel chair into the ring when the referee was out, and Constantine used the chair to earn a victory over Sydal.

On Revoloution #9, Sydal and Gunther would compete against eachother 1 on 1 for the first time. While Sydal was taunting, Gunther came from behind giving Sydal a back stabber thus winning the match.

Before the feud can really start rolling, Gunther was Released from his contract in BWF. His Final Match in BWF was in a dark match against Derrick Von Singer. Von Singer won via DQ after debuting superstar Felix Klein, who is also one of Gunther's real life siblings attacked Von Singer. afterwards Gunther hit Von Singer with the Moonlight Drive.

Baltimore Valley Wrestling (2011-Present)

Gunther Made his BVW Debut in BVW's Training Facility, Winning the BVW Hardcore Championship against a BVW Jobber to determine the Current Champion. While, being Hardcore Champion Gunther is having problems being booked in BVW RAW for the first time. Management cna't decide wether to book him against the main eventers or the jobbers. Gunther has been booked for the next RAW.

Other CAW Apperances

CAWllision IV

Gunther was one of the participants in the CAWllision Rumble, entering at #17.

Gunther didnt last long as he was eliminated by Legs Strokeworthy

Personal Life

Gunther is Single and will remain so, and Currently has 3 STD's (in which he doesn't really have).Gunther Has formerly dated BWF Knockout Amber in 2008..... until she found out he had an STD (which is non existent)

Gunther gets a lot of negative reviews by the CAW Community for his choices as a Wrestler and a Person

In Wrestling

Championships and Accomplishments

  • BVW Hardcore Championship (Current)


  • Moonlight Drive (2011- Current)
  • Back Stabber (2010- Current)

Entrance Themes

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