Hogan Vs. Flair: Empty Arena II was HVF's 10th show. It was broadcasted on HVF's Youtube channel on November 3rd, 2011


Lead: Joe Lexington

Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta

Build Up

A series of hype videoes were posted, telling about a mega fight between Scott Hall and Butterbean, a Dumb Enough finale match between Beard Samulson and Michelle C. Cool. The main event was featured in the last one as it talked about Team Hogan vs The Federation in a 8 man tag


(H) denotes Team Hogan

(F) denotes Team Flair

(W) denotes Team Weed

(CB) denotes Cover Band

(Fed) denotes Federation

Cover Band Banned from Ringside

Meat Stasiak (F) vs Bubba The DJ (CB)

Bubba The DJ def Meat Stasiak after a suplex

MMA Superfight

Butterbean vs Scott Hall (CB) with Toyota Corolla as special Ref

Butterbean def Mongo by German Supex KO 

Note: Scott Hall no-showed and Mongo replaced him.

Dumb Enough Finale 

Michelle Caribbean Cool vs Beard Samulson 

Beard Samulson def Michelle C. Cool after a Scoop Slam

Note: The match had to be recorded twice.

Follow The Ladder Grudge Match

Scott Steiner (H) vs Jeff Hardy (W)

Jeff Hardy def Scott Steiner after a Russian Leg Sweep onto ladders

Feast or Futured Battle Royal

Note: Winner gets a $25 gift card to Chili's and last eliminated gets fired 

1) RVD toss out by Hardcore Holly 

2) Scotty 2 Hotty tossed out by The Man They Call Steve

3) Fistpasta tossed out by Hardcore Holly

4) Kevin Nash tossed out by Sean Pac

5) The Man They Call Steve tossed out by Hardcore Holly

6) Kurt Angle tossed out by Hardcore Holly and King Of Hotsoup

7) King Of Hotsoup pinned by Sean Pac

8) Bowling Shirt pinned by Hardcore Holly

9) Hardcore Holly tossed out by Sean Pac lastly making Pac win the match

Note: Because Hardcore Holly was eliminated last he was fired. Also Sean Pac was injured in the match after taking a cookie sheet to the head from Bowling Shirt.

For 95% Control Of HVF

Team Hogan vs The Federation with Ric Flair as ref

1) Brutus Briefcase eliminated by countout

2) H3 pinned by Stone Cold

3) Tits Mcgee and Hulk Hogan eliminated by countout

4) Stone Cold pinned by TF British 

5) TF British eliminated by countout

6) Rookie Orton lastly pinned by Greenich Vince to win the match and 95% control for The Federation

Note: Ric Flair fast counted the pin on Orton 

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