Hogan Vs. Flair:A Fistful Of Donuts was HVF's 19th show. It was broadcasted on HVF's Youtube channel on July 28th, 2013

Commentators Lead: Joe Lexington Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta   ==Build Up== A video was posted telling about the D-Von Intervention and Kurt Angle match


(H) denotes Team Hogan

(F) denotes Team Flair

(W) denotes Team Weed

(CB) denotes Cover Band

(G) denotes Gym,Tan,Sweaters

(R) denotes Raftpac 

Lucha GP Round 3

El Macho Lobsto vs Ranchito Jr.

El Macho Lobsto def Ranchito Jr. by Submission after a Portland Crab

Tag Team Parking Lot Brawl

Fistpasta and TF British (G) vs King of Hotsoup/Bowling Shirt(No Name)(F) vs  The Dyrty Boyz (Benny and Jerry)(H)

King Of Hotsoup/Bowling Shirt def GTS and Dyrty Boys by submission after a Figure 4 by Hotsoup onto Fistpasta

Note: An Ambulance and Caveman's car were destroyed during the match.

Single Match

Kurt Angle(R) vs D-Von Intervention(H)

Kurt Angle def D-Von by pinfall after a Angle Slam

Single Match

Scott Steiner(R) vs Personal Demons(H)

Scott Steiner def Personal Demons by submission after a Steiner Barcalounger

W.A.W.A Title Match

Power Uti(c) vs Super Crush

No one wins

Note: The match never happened due to Super Crush only being informed about match 15 minutes before hand and Power Uti booked him in a press conference.

Tag Team Match

Whackysting(R) and Beard Samulson(R) vs Kluh Nagoh(H) and Pepto Abysmol(H)

Whackysting and Beard Samulson def Kluh Nagoh and Pepto Abysmol by pinfall after Whackysting hit a back suplex on Kluh Nagoh

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