Hogan Vs. Flair: She's Hot( But Then She Talked) was HVF's 13th show. It was broadcasted on HVF's Youtube channel on June  7th, 2012.  Debut of Tivo title, Bam Bam Title BFF Title


Lead: Joe Lexington

Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta

Build Up

A video was posted up with Hulk Hogan talking about  wife swapping  and banging on another girl named Becky. Becky would talk and then ad for the show came up. 


(H) denotes Team Hogan

(F) denotes Team Flair

(W) denotes Team Weed

(CB) denotes Cover Band

(Fed) denotes Federation

Campeon Porundia Title Match

Torrie Wilson vs Scott Steiner vs Meat Stasiak vs Scott Hall

The Diamond Stud 5000 def Torrie Wilson,Steiner,Stasiak by pinfall after a punch to Torrie's face

Note: Scott Hall was the DS5000

Tivo Title Match

Fistpasta vs Rookie Orton(F)

Fistpasta def Rookie Orton by pinfall after hitting a Cutter on Orton

Incontinental Title and 1.99 Title Match

Val Venis(F)(c) and Linda Hogan(F)(c) vs H3(Fed) and Tits McGee(Fed)

Val Venis and Linda Hogan def H3 and Tits McGee by pinfall after Linda hit a  Cougar Bomb on H3

Bam Bam Title Ladder Match

Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle

Rob Van Dam def Kurt Angle by grabbing title down

BFF Title Match

Team 3rd Dimension(H)(Bowling Shirt and Camo Pants) vs The Cover Band(CB)Bubba The DJ and Whacky Sting)

The Cover Band def Team 3rd Dimension by pinfall after Bubba The DJ punches Bowling Shirt

Note: Kevin Nash couldn't be in the match due to Quad injury and Whacky Sting was mystery partner.

Big Shiny Thing Title  Lumber Jill/Jack Match

Hulk Hogan vs Greenich Vince with Lumber Jill's/Jack's  Random Blonde, Linda Hogan(F), Jenna Morasca(H),Brutus Briefcase

Hulk Hogan def Greenich Vince by pinfall after leg drop


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