Hogan Vs. Flair: The Rough Draft was HVF's 11th show. It was broadcasted on HVF's Youtube channel on Jan 31st, 2012. It followed a theme of drafting superstars to different teams


Lead: Joe Lexington

Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta

Build Up

A hype video was made of Greenich Vince advertising the draft.


(H) denotes Team Hogan

(F) denotes Team Flair

(W) denotes Team Weed

(CB) denotes Cover Band

(Fed) denotes Federation

Draft Match

Scott Steiner (H) vs Kurt Angle (F)

Kurt Angle def Steiner after a Clothesline. 

Draft Pick: Meat Stasiak drafted from Team Hogan to Team Flair. Stasiak interfered initially in Steiner's favor but turned on him after the match. 

Girls Pickup Guys Draft Match

Torrie Wilson (H) vs Tits Mcgee (Fed) vs Jenna Morasca (F)

Torrie Wilson def Tits and Morasca after a roll up on Tits

Draft Pick: Renah Doopwah drafted to Team Hogan.

Draft Tag Team Match

Rookie Orton (H) and King Of Hotsoup (CB) vs Meat Stasiak (F) and TF British (Fed)

Note: The person who gets the pinfall gets the draft pick for their respective team

Rookie Orton and King Of Hotsoup def Meat Stasiak and TF British after a RKO on Meat.

Draft: Orton scored the pinfall and got the draft pick. Jenna Morasca to Team Hogan from Team Flair.

High in the Basement Free Agent Draft Match

Fistpasta and Val Venis vs Jeff Hardy (W) and Kendrick

Note: Val Venis and Kendrick were free agents. 

Fistpasta and Val Venis def Jeff Hardy and Kendrick after Fistpasta pinned Hardy off a Neckbreaker With Theatrics. Draft: Val Venis to Team Flair.

"Bubba vs. Bubba" Draft Match

Bowling Shirt (F) vs Bubba The DJ (CB)

Bowling Shirt def Bubba The DJ by pinfall after a Bubba Cutter. During the match Camo Pants returned from injury and interfered in the match.

Draft Pick: King Of Hotsoup from The Cover Band to Team Flair.

Draft Match

H3 (Fed) vs Brutus Briefcase (H)

H3 def Brutus Briefcase by pinfall after a DDT.

Draft: Beard Samulson to The Federation

Imaginary Brass Ring Challenge Ladder Match (Winner is back in HVF)

DDP vs Default vs Hardcore Holly vs Maven

No one wins due to time limit draw

Note: Federation media intern Ken Jetterman had got the editing bay infected trying to download After Effects from Piratebay and had to render match on a Windows 95 laptop.

Double Draft Team Captain Elimination Match

RVD (W) vs Lucha Nash (CB) vs Ric Flair (F) vs Greenich Vince (Fed) vs Hulk Hogan (H)

1) RVD pinned by Hogan after Leg Drop

2) Ric Flair pinned by Hogan after Leg Drop

3) Greenich Vince pinned by Hogan after Double Suplex

4) Lucha Nash pinned by Hogan after Clothesline, giving Hogan the win

Draft: Team 3rd Dimension (Bowling Shirt and Camo Pants) from Team Flair to Team Hogan.

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