Homies Wrestling Entertainment
HWE Logo
Acronym HWE
Establishment 2006
Owner(s) Ian Blair
Staff Ian Blair, Dani and Dave Keene, Marc, Steve Larkins
Formerly Juggalo Joe

Homies Wrestling Entertainment, founded in 2006, was created by a man named Ian Blair, who thought it would be fun to make videos of how the real life feuds and fights his friends, or "Homies," had on Smackdown vs Raw. The original season wasn't online until Ian decided to upload them to YouTube for his friends to see and the series took off from there. The league has had 6 seasons so far and has grown to great online fame. In the 09 season Ian signed the #1 fan Big T to the league and then began to sign other new rookies from then on.


Male Roster



Female Roster

NXT season 1 roster


  • M (General Manager of Smackdown)
  • Vince McMahon (Owner)
  • Joker (GM of Raw)

HWE Alumni

  • Jeff Nitz
  • Alex
  • The Devil's Rejects
  • V
  • The Ultimate Ty
  • Indiana Dude
  • Jeff Verdern
  • The Dean's
  • Most of Cedric's family
  • Nicole Nitz
  • Greg
  • Anal Angel
  • Snooky
  • Sharky
  • Kratos
  • Crow
  • The Dude
  • Krayoz
  • Dev
  • lil Supa
  • The Ram
  • Ultimate Warrior
  • Primo Vega
  • The Waskul Brother's

Hall of Fame

The HWE Hall of Fame are the elites, the originals, the best. Every member of the hall of fame have contributed to the league, and thus have been included by the owner himself.

  • 2005- J
    JJ 2010

    Juggalo Joe

  • 2006- n/a
  • 2007- Juggalo Joe
  • 2008- Vegas and Steve Larkins Jr.
  • 2009- Keene
  • 2010- Dani 2 Dope
  • 2011- The Joker and Cedric the Dealer
  • 2012 - Big T, TMO, and Harley Quinn
  • 2013- MK, M, Kore, Mystique, Lucky T, and Ajack
  • 2015- Devin Angels and Rocky Blade

HWE Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Notes
Raw brand
HWE Champion Kore Feb 21th, 2015
HWE United States Champion Knuckelhead April 5th, 2013
HWE Divas champion Jewel April 6th, 2014
SmackDown brand
HWE World Champion Grand Disciple June 30th, 2014
HWE Intercontonental Champion Steve Larkins Jr. March 28th, 2015
HWE Womens Champion Dani 2 Dope Jan 1st, 2012 Won belt in a title for title match
Interpromotional Championships
HWE Unified Tag Team Titles ICP Feb 27th, 2012


The order of ppvs for the 2011 season are:

  • Homielash
  • Raw Elimination Chamber
  • Smackdown Not so Well in a Cell
  • Ragging Rights
  • M's Kombat
  • Summer Slam
  • Homies Rumble
  • Night of Chumpions
  • Homiemania

The order of ppv's for the 13 season are (so far):

  • Vengence
  • HWE Antebellum
  • HWE Final Kombat

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Ian Blair has only asked 2 rookies to join the league, Big T and Kore. Ironically both men have won the HWE title inside Hell in a cell.
  • Out of all the HWE rookies from 09 on, 5 have claimed a world title.
  • Every original but one has won the HWE title.
  • Three MITB cash-ins by Big T, MK, and Rocky Blade have failed due to interference, and the only successful cash-in was by Juggalo Joe. Joe and Rocky both are the only two to cash in during a ongoing match.
  • Big T and MK are the only two HWE rookies to claim both world titles.
  • Steve Larkins Jr is the only legend to claim the ECW title.
  • The Joker is the only man to win the HWE title and the ECW title back to back ppvs, as well as hold both at the same time.
  • Both members of the former team TNT (Big T and TMO) have their first world titles in 6 man Hell in a Cell matches at back to back Homiemania's.
  • The Homies Rumble has been won by 4 superstars: Juggalo Joe (08), Junior (09), Big T (2010), and J (2011).
  • Dani 2 Dope, despite being a female, has unified both world titles and female titles at 2 different Homiemanias.
  • The ECW title was unified with the HWE championship when Joker won the belt from Kore.
  • T-Bone still held the Hardcore title despite his death, after coming back, he retired the belt.
  • There have been numerous deaths in HWE, yet no one shuts the league down or gets investigated.
  • Big T is #1fan of HWE, Ajack is the #2, and TMO is the #3 according to Ian


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