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Ron Killing Vince McMahon laughing original original original original crop 650x440 "Now that's a classic!"

Reason given is: This CAW Sucks like a blowjob

This page is meant for comedic purposes only, laugh it out!

Names Haduken
Tom Nook
Height 6'2
Weight 210lbs
Born 5-4-1991
Birthplace Ballsack, Kentucky
Billed from
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
CM Punk
Randy Orton
Hulk Hogan
Alex Shelley
Madison Rayne
Debut 2010

"It sure is cool being Blowjob Champion." - Haduken

"I preferred him as as a Hogan Clone" - Anonymous

"Haduken needs to be de-pushed now." - InspectorShetty

Not Alex Shelley, at all.

It's Walleh TimeEdit

Haduken was a participant in the IWT's CAW Search program known as Suspect's Lariat Dungeon. He was eliminated in the second wave of eliminations along with BB Disco. Later on it was revealed he would be signed to a contract anyways.

Wrestlers "Copied" by HadukenEdit

  • CM Punk
  • Randy Orton
  • Madison Rayne
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Alex Shelley
  • The Brian Kendrick
  • Samoa Joe

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Fat Niggers WrestlingEdit

Barely Regulated Aggressive Wrestling League

It's Walleh Time

World CAW Wrestling

Danny Jackpot Wrestling




Other Accomplishments

[NOTE 1] While the 2011 Something CAWful King Of Trios never officaly happened it was announced over the commentary for CAWllision 5 that with Team Wake Me Up Before You Go Go's victory at the event they where the winners of the 2011 Something CAWful King Of Trios, this however was never made official by the event owners.

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