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Havoc Underworld Championship
Current champion Vacant
Date Won Nov 25, 2011
Current Brand ARW
Introduced By James Blazer
Retired -
Most reigns All champions (1 reign each)
First Champion Alex Striker
Last Champion -
Longest Reign Tyler King
Shortest Reign Alex Striker
Heaviest Champion Tyler King
Lightest Champion Alex Striker
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s) -

The Havoc Underworld Championship is an interpromotional title established at Blazer's Halloween Havoc Event.

6 Competitors from each promotion would compete in match types such as Armageddon Hell In A Cell to Money In The Bank Match. If won by that wrestler, they can use and defend the title on there show, until next year's Halloween Havoc.

Wrestler: Times: Date Won: Days Held: Notes: Brand:
Alex Striker 1 Nov 1, 2011 25 Defeated Kenta Kobashi, Tyson, Edge, Shogun, and B.B. Disco in a Armageddon Hell In A Cell Match. ASW
Tyler King 1 Nov 25, 2011 346 Defeated Alex Striker on Flash. ARW
Vacant Nov 5, 2012 Due to title not being defended for a long period of time, it's now vacated.

e v Halloween Havoc
Title(s): Havoc Underworld Championship
Accomplishment(s): Xtreme Maverick Award

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