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Hawk Jackson
RSR5 Hawk Jackson
Names Hawk Jackson
Height 5'7
Weight 178lbs
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Died {{{death_date}}}
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Billed from Los Angeles, California
Trained by None
Debut July 28th 2008
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Hawk Jackson is a professional CAW superstar currently wrestling for MCW and is the only superstar to compete in 4 rise to Royalty tournaments and hasn't won one.

MCW (2008-present)

Rise To Royalty 2 (2008)

Jackson made it to the Semi-Final of Rise to Royalty 2 but was defeated by Kelvin.

Rise To Royalty 3 (2009)

Jackson fought at Rise to Royalty 3 but was beaten in the semi-Finals again by Jack Crew.

Rise To Royalty 4 (2010)

Jackson was unsuccessful at Rise to Royalty 4 when he was eliminated in the first Round.

Rise To Royalty 5 (2011)

Jackson is competed at MCW Rise To Royalty V where he was defeated by Mike Rensyn

In Wrestling

  • Finisher moves

Shooting Star Rana

  • Signature Moves

Standing Moonsault

Championships and Accomplishments


Rise to Royalty record

Event Duration Ranking Notes
Rise to Royalty II July 28th 2008 - September 9th 2008 3rd Defeated by Kelvin
Rise to Royalty III May 1st 2009 - June 17th 2009 4th Defeated by Jack Crew
Rise to Royalty IV January 2nd 2010 - February 11th 2010 6th Eliminated in the first Round
Rise to Royalty 5 January 13th 2011 5th Defeated by Mike Rensyn


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