High Voltage is an annual event from Anime Championship Wrestling. It is an Impulse only CPV event.

High Voltage is one the CPVs where the Road the Animania begins for Impulse. It is the last Impulse Brand-only CPV before Animania since afterwards its Royale Rumble, No Boundaries (Excel Only brand), and then Animania


Location City
High Voltage 2007 Key Arena Seattle, Washington
High Voltage 2008 TBD TBD

High Voltage 2007



ACW Genesis logo

1. ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship - Straw Hat Crew def. Fire and Ice & White Tigers to become new champions
2. Kakashi Hatake def. Cyborg
3. Ladder Match: ACW Road to Destiny Championship - Edward Elric def. Trunks to retain
4. No Disqualification Match: ACW Television Championship- Gohan def. Speedy to retain
5. Crusierweight Battle Royal: ACW Crusierweight Championship - Ryoma Echizen def. Chaotzu, Ultraman Tiga, Dennis, & Kiba Inuzuka to become new champion
6. ACW Impulse Championship - Beast Boy def. Nightwing to retain


  • Each Impulse championship was on the line.
  • The Crusierweight and Impulse Tag Team Championships were vacated and debuted for the 1st time
  • This is Ryoma Echizen & Ultraman Tiag's first ACW debut.
  • Terra returned by helping take out Cyborg and Nightwing, who ambushed Beast Boy after the Impulse Championship match, with Beast Boy.
  • Broly made his first ACW debut apperance and visciously attacked Trunks after his match against Edward Elric.
  • Official theme song was: Fozzy - "Enemy"

High Voltage 2008

No information at this time.

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