Names Hunder
Height 6‘8
Weight 277 lbs
Born October 5 1987 (age 25)
Birthplace Parts Unknown,Spain
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Parts Unknown,Spain
Billed from Parts Unknown,Spain
Trained by Extreme Caw Wrestling Training Camp
Debut February 1988
Retired 18 November 2011

Hunder is a CAW Superstar best known for his time spent in Extreme CAW Wrestling.

Independent Leagues 1988 - 2007

Hunder made his debut somewhere in February of 1988 at around 4 months of age. His first match was a Steel Cage deathmatch where he dominated throughout, lastly throwing the wrestler through  3 flaming barbwire tables covered with 1,000 thumb tacs, 4 barbwire razor blades,10 light tubes and a small part of the roof that broke down during the match. Hunder's extreme tactics would make him a legend but his wrestling ability outshined them. At 5 years old he wrestled in a 360 minute Ironmatch without breaking a sweat. His career was blooming but around 2007 he needed to move up.

ECW 2007-2011

He was brough into a CAW League made by his "father" McMicheals which was clearly the best and easiest decision Mick ever made. Hunder would wrestle a number of legendary matches, none as good though as his indie days and at 25 years old with 2 decades of wrestling in him he retired. 

Personal Life

He was kidnapped by Extreme CAW Wrestling owner Mick McMicheals when he was around 3 months old because even at a young age Mick seen he had the "It" factor.After a month of hard training the infant knew more then he needed to know about wrestling and how to wrestle. McMicheals signed him up for independent leagues.




Shantel- Dimineata

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