Hogan vs. Flair: Axshiboomba!!! was HVF's 2nd show. It premiered on HVF's YouTube channel in full on June 10th, 2010.


Lead: Joe Lexington

Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta


A recap video of Pilot Match was uploaded that highlighted the important parts of the first show.

Team Flair looked to rebound from Pilot Match as DDP was the lone winner from Flair's team.

Kevin Nash went off on his own accord to form "The Cover Band", a renegade group of old guys with Sean-Pac and Bubba the DJ. The Cover Band would face Booker T and the debuting Scott Steiner (The Midcard Mafia) along with Team Weed (RVD and Jeff Hardy) in a Money in the Botch ladder match. The winning team would receive a $25 gift card to Chili's for their troubles.

All of the other matches were quickly thrown together backstage after Time Warner stepped in.


(H) denotes member of Team Hogan

(F) denotes member of Team Flair

(W) denotes member of Team Weed

(CB) denotes member of The Cover Band

MATCH #1 - "Prime Cut vs. Diamond Cut"

MEAT Stasiak (H) vs. DDP (F)

MEAT Stasiak def. DDP with a pin following a backdrop

MATCH #2 - "HvF's First Women's Match"

Miss Handcok (F) vs. Torrie Wilson (H)

Miss Handcok def. Torrie Wilson by rollup and a dubious Earl Hebner 3 count

MATCH #3 - "Money in the Botch Ladder Match"

Winning team receives a $25 gift card to Chili's

Midcard Mafia (Booker T/Scott Steiner) (H) vs. Team Weed (RVD/Jeff Hardy) (C) vs. The Cover Band (Kevin Nash/Sean-Pac) (CB)

The Cover Band won when Sean-Pac pulled down the gift card and landed on his neck

*Note: Following the match Team Third Dimension (Bowling Shirt/Camo Pants) attacked Sean-Pac and stole the gift card*

'MATCH #4' - Popcorn Match

Val Venis vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Val Venis def. Scotty 2 Hotty by pinfall after DOUBLE shooting star press

*Note: The entire match was accidentally taped over with footage from Saturday Afternoon Bowling*

MAIN EVENT - "Flair's Figure Four Sides of Steel" Cage Match

Hogan and Rookie Orton (H) vs. Flair and Maven (F)

(1) Hogan climbed out of the cage first

(2) Rookie Orton climbed out of the cage second to win the match for his team


The Producer's Award went to Part #2 of the Money in the Botch match.

The Fans Choice Award went to the Miss Handcok and Torrie Wilson match.

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