Hogan Vs. Flair: Go Outside Nerd was HVF's 9th show. It was broadcasted on HVF's Youtube channel on July 6th, 2011.


Lead: Joe Lexington

Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta

Build Up

A hype video was released that featured the Main Event Six-Man Tag Elimination match.

- With Rob Van Dam and TF British both scoring pinfalls at Do It For America in the Tunica Street Fight the match ended in a draw. In a rematch of the 4-way contest they would go at it in singles hardcore action in a Senatobia Street Fight.

- Because Val Venis had sex with Linda Hogan they now became friends and the feud between Linda and Torrie Wilson was over. They still wanted one more romp with a couple of other people in a Super Swingers match before breaking up then hooking up over Thanksgiving break.

- MEAT Stasiak continued to get some juicy gossip but pointed his microphone in the direction of The Cover Band. They did not approve and King of Hotsoup challenged him to a match.

- The big hot feuds between Team Hogan, The Federation, Scott Steiner and Jeff Hardy finally got mashed together in the exciting six-man tag elimination match. This would be the first six-man elimination match since the main event of Pilot Match.


(H) denotes Team Hogan

(F) denotes Team Flair

(W) denotes Team Weed

(CB) denotes Cover Band

(Fed) denotes Federation

Senatobia Street Fight

Rob Van Dam (W) vs. TF British (Fed)

Rob Van Dam def. TF British by pinfall after a jumping cross body block

Super Swingers Match

Val Venis/Torrie Wilson (H) vs. Bowling Shirt/Jenna Morasca (F) vs. Kurt Angle/Linda Hogan (F) Val Venis & Torrie Wilson win by submission when Val submitted Linda Hogan with the Scissor Sister Submission

Loser Joins Team Flair

Jomo Nixon vs. Fistpasta

Jomo Nixon def. Fistpasta by pinfall after a springboard bulldog

As a result of the match, Fistpasta joins Team Flair

MEAT Stasiak (H) vs. King of Hotsoup

King of Hotsoup def. MEAT Stasiak by pinfall after a Jacuzzi Kick

Popcorn Match

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Vance Archer

Match was declared a no contest after being interrupted by Wii Sports Resort


Six-Man Elimination Match

Greenich Vince/H3/Jeff Hardy vs. Hulk Hogan/Steiner/Brutus Briefcase*

*Brutus Briefcase was attacked backstage by Tits McGee before the match and was Ultimately Insulted through a table. Stone Cold replaced Briefcase in the match.

  1. Jeff Hardy eliminates Steiner by pinfall after a Swanton Bomb
  2. Jeff Hardy eliminates Hulk Hogan by pinfall after a Twist of Fate
  3. Stone Cold eliminates Jeff Hardy by pinfall after a Stunner
  4. Stone Cold eliminates Greenich Vince by pinfall after a Stunner
  5. Stone Cold eliminates H3 by pinfall after three Stunners in a row to win the match for his team


The Producers Award and Fans Choice Award went to the Six-Man Tag Elimination Main Event.

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