Hogan vs. Flair: Pilot Match was HVF's debut show. It premiered on HVF's YouTube channel in full on April 9th, 2010.


Lead: Joe Lexington

Color: "Caveman" Carl Touretta


Following the success of the Apple Pie video series and as a way to make an all-comedy league, HVF was created to capitalize on the Apple Pie video success. The entire roster was split into two teams: Team Hogan and Team Flair, both lead by their respective captains. The only exceptions to the team split were RVD and Jeff Hardy, because they got baked in the sun and arrived late. Thereby, they were placed on their own individual team (Team Weed).


(H) denotes member of Team Hogan

(F) denotes member of Team Flair

MATCH #1 - "Match of 1000 Botches"

Maven (F) vs. Rookie Orton (H)

Rookie Orton def. Maven with an Oklahomo rollup

'MATCH #2' - Kevin Nash Burial Gauntlet Match

Kevin Nash (H) vs. The Entire Game Roster

Kevin Nash pinned or KO'd the following wrestlers: Kane, The Rock, Tajiri, JBL, Rhyno, Hardcore "Sparky" Holly, Val Venis, Spike Dudley, Goldust, Matt Hardly, Mean Mark Calloway, "Val Venis", Taz (13th elimination), RVD, Maven, Albert, Sean-Pac, Bowling Shirt, Hurricane, Christian, Rikishi, Rookie Orton, H3, Mark Henry, and Chuck (25 wins total)

Booker T def. Kevin Nash by pinfall after a shoulder block

*NOTE: Kevin Nash suffered a bicep tear and diarhea during the course of the match*

MATCH #3 - "Yoga vs. Rochambeau"

DDP (F) vs. King of HotSoup (H)

DDP def. King of HotSoup by pinfall after a spiral powerbomb

MATCH #4 - "HvF Backstage Assault"

MEAT Stasiak (H) vs. Kidman

The match was ruled a no contest due to boredom

MATCH #5 - Popcorn Match

Hardcore "Sparky" Holly vs. Val Venis

Val Venis def. Hardcore Holly by pinfall

*Note: The entire match was fast forwarded on the video because no one wanted to watch it*

MAIN EVENT - 6-Man Elimination Tag Match

Hogan (H) and Team Weed (RVD/Jeff Hardy) vs. Flair and Team 3rd Dimension (Bowling Shirt/Camo Pants) (F)

(1) Hogan eliminated Camo Pants by pinfall after a leg drop

(2) Hogan eliminated Bowling Shirt by pinfall after a leg drop

(3) Jeff Hardy eliminated Flair by pinfall after a Swanton to win the match

*Note: Due to the Kevin Nash Burial Gauntlet Match running too long, the ending was cut off on the video*


The Producers Award went to Part #2 of the 6-Man tag main event. This award is selected as the producer's favorite video section in the episode.

The Fans Choice Award went to Part #1 of the Kevin Nash Burial Gauntlet Match. This award is selected as the episode's video section with the largest view count.

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