ICCW Titties Title Cowboys N' Indians Match © Reba VS. Dora the Explorer VS. Paris Hilton Can Paris an Dora devise a plan to take Reba out?

ICCW Random Championship 6 Man Elimination Match Tyrone Biggums, Uno Dos Tres Nino, Bizzaro Murphy, Stormy, Associate, Kyle Wake This brand new title will live up to its name when its set to com. vs com.

ICCW Tag Team Titles © The Butabi Bros. VS. The Ambiguously Gay Duo Will the long reign of the Butabi Bros. come to an end?

Bloody Blood Blood Match Criss Angel VS. David Blaine This is the rubber match of a long standing fued. Who will come out on top in this anything goes match up fueled by hatred?

ICCW Internet Championship Steel Cage Match © Tourettes Guy VS. Sam Nathan Gregory SNG has proved himself worthy, but can he capture the gold?

ICCW Undispuited Championship © Captin Murphy VS. Zombie Shrek This larger than life Main Event is sure to be an important crossroads in ICCW history. Can the Captin fight off the monster, or will we have a new Champion in Zombie Shrek?

Also, will the mysterious attacker finally show his face?

# Result Stipulation
1 Tyrone Biggums defeated Uno Dos Tres Nino, Bizzarro Murphy, Stormy, The Associate and Kyle Wake Six-Man Elimination match for the vacant ICCW Random Championship
2 The Butabi Bros. (Doug & Steve) (c) defeated The Ambiguously Gay Duo (Ace & Gary) Tag Team match for the ICCW Tag Team Championship
3 Criss Angel defeated David Blaine Bloody blood blood match
4 Reba (c) defeated Dora the Explorer & Paris Hilton Cowboys N' Indians match for the ICCW Titties Championship
I5 Sam Nathan Gregory defeated Tourettes Guy (c) Steel Cage match for the ICCW Internet Championship
6 Zombie Shrek (with Reba) defeated Captain Murphy (c) Singles match for the ICCW Undisputed Championship
  • 2 - Celine Dion distracted the Duo.

Betty (formerly Master Pain) attacked Shrek.

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