Mystical Warfare
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Promotion ICCW Internet Championship CAW Wrestling
Date Oct. 25, 2007
Theme Song
Last Event ICCW End Of Days
Next Event ICCW In Yo Crib

#< Result Stipulation
1 Kyle Wake defeated Matt Hardy   Singles match
2 The Angry Video Game Nerd defeated Tay Zonday Steel Cage match for the vacant Youtube Championship
3 The Butabis (Doug & Steve) defeated Wii bros. (Fook Mi & Fook Yu) (c) Tag Team match for the ICCW Tag Team Championship
4 Criss Angel defeated Harry Potter (c) Ladder match for the ICCW United States Championship
5 Abyss (c) defeated Giant Gonzales Last Man Standing match for the ICCW Undisputed Championship

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