Priceless Punishment
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Promotion ICCW Internet Championship CAW Wrestling
Date March 16, 2008
Theme Song
Last Event ICCW In Yo Crib
Next Event ICCW ZOMG-A-Mania

# Result Stipulation
1 The Butabis (Doug & Steve) (c) defeated Sofa King Awesome {Koing Webb & Kyle Wake} Tag Team match for the ICCW Tag Team Championship
2 Uno Dos Tres Nino defeated The Angry Video Game Nerd (c) Steel Cage match for the Youtube Championship
3 Harry Potter defeated Criss Angel (c), David Blaine, Chris Parks, The Ultimate Warrior and Bizzaro Murphy Termination Chamber match for the ICCW Undisputed Championship
4 Captain Murphy eliminated Zombie Shrek last to win Priceless Punishment match
  • 1 - Koing turned his back on Kyle. They brawled all over the arena till the start of the battle royal.
  • 2 - Mike Chioda whacked the AVGN with a Steel Chair then did a Samoan Drop.
  • 30 - Shrek rose from the dead as a Zombie
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Uno Dos Tres Nino 5 Target and Warrior
2 Kenny K. Mart 2 Koing and Hogan
3 Koing Webb 8 Astley
4 David Blaine 1 Hogan
5 Hulk Hogan 3 Koing and Target
6 Joe Target 9 Astley
7 Matt Hardy 11 Kane
8 The Angry Video Game Nerd 4 Koing and Target
9 The Ultimate Warrior 6 Koing and Target
10 Violent J. 12 Associate
11 Mike Chioda 7 Koing and Astley
12 Rick Astley 10 Violent J. and RVD
13 Folgers Kane 20 Associate and Zonday
14 Rob Van Dam 13 R. Kelly and Parks
15 The Associate 21 Zonday
16 R. Kelly 15 Associate and ???
17 Chris Parks 14 Associate and R. Kelly
18 Tyrone Biggums 17 Kane and Zonday
19 ??? 18 Steve and Sweedenhouse
20 Fook Yu 16 Associate and ???
21 Tay Zonday 28 Murphy
22 Steve Butabi N/A Teleported from the match
23 Sweedenhouse 19 Zonday
24 Ponderosa 22 Blaine and Kyle
25 Doug Butabi 23 Blaine
26 Fook Mi 25 Steve
27 Kyle Wake 27 Zonday and Murphy
28 Jim Cena Ross 24 Blaine and Kyle
29 Captain Murphy N/A WINNER
30 Zombie Shrek 26 Zonday and Kyle
  • 4 and 22- Blaine and Shrek teleported themselves back in the match.
  • 29 - Murphy attacked Bizzarro Murphy and took his place.

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