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Promotion ICCW Internet Championship CAW Wrestling
Date June 9, 2008
Theme Song
Last Event ICCW Priceless Punishment
Next Event ICCW Matinee Massacre

# Result Stipulation
1 The Associate defeated Jewish ICCW VS. NTA Interpromotional Match
2 Tourettes Guy defeated Tay Zonday (c) and Numa Numa Triple Threat TLC Match for the ICCW Internet Championship
3 Dora the Explorer defeated Paris Hilton Birthday Suit match
4 The Butabis (Doug & Steve) (c) defeated Ponderosa & Sweedenhouse Tag Team Match for the ICCW Tag Team Championship
5 Kyle Wake defeated Koing Webb Bumpmeister Match
6 The Angry Video Game Nerd defeated Criss Angel, David Blaine, Zombie Shrek, Bizzaro Murphy and R. Kelly Chase For The Case Ladder Match
7 Captain Murphy defeated Harry Potter (c)

3 Stages Of Hell Mfor the ICCW Undisputed Championship

  • Potter won the 1st fall - First Blood Match
  • Murphy won the 2nd fall - Steel Cage Match
  • Murphy won the 3rd fall - Hell In A Cell Match
  • 4 - Ponderosa & Sweedenhouse used magic steroids granted to them by Harry Potter for a previous service. They wore off before the match ended with a reversed effect, making them scrawny, which the Butabis capitalized on.
  • 6 - The Nerd used a cheat code to freeze his opponents in a corner to win.
  • 7 - During the match, Potter used his magical steroids on himself to gain an advantage. When it proved to not be enough, Potter further enhanced his abilities by transforming into a purple demon form. Bizzaro Murphy came out and hit Potter with the Destructo Beam, putting the odds back in Captain Murphys favor.
  • 7 - After the match, Potter, disguised as Angry Video Game Nerd, cashed in his Chase For The Case briefcase but Barack Obama saw through the disguise and disqualified him and returned the title to Murphy.