iCONic Pro Wrestling
IPW Gold
Acronym iPW
Establishment February 21st, 2013
Owner(s) Joshua Bishop
Staff Unknown
Formerly N/A

iCONic Pro Wrestling, also known as Iconic Pro Wrestling or Iconic Pro is an all original CAW league founded by Joshua Bishop. Iconic Pro was started in light of the success of all original CAW leagues such as TCW*, BATTLE PRO, and EDF. In an attempt to stand out and remain a unique entity in the CAW scene, Bishop's vision for Iconic Pro was a league that strived to be what CCL, in Bishop's mind, has failed to be: a showcase of the best talents in CAW and a source for some of the best entertainment in CAW. With the formula for New-TNA in mind, Bishop not only sought the best in CAW - he also sought for young, rising stars and talents either little known or unknown to the CAW world. Due to Bishop's status as a Vivianverse fed owner, Iconic Pro is considered an active part of the Vivianverse, under the Puro section due to its main focus being centered mainly around wrestling.

Iconic Pro would become an affiliate of the ZODIAC Network in June 2014, holding its first show on the network a month later.



Tag Teams/Alliances


  • President - Wayne Cannon
  • Commentator, Founder - Joshua Bishop


Championship Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
iPW Global Heavyweight Championship Steven Santos 17th July 2014 Iconic Revolution N/A
iPW Legendary Championship Evan O'Shea 17th July 2014 Iconic Revolution N/A


Season 1

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