ITF Ironman Cup
IFT Ironman Trophy
Current champion(s) Antonio Rodreigo
Date Won Jun 4, 2015
League New-NAW/AWP Independent Training Facility
Introduced 2014
Retired November 29th, 2015
Most reigns Kid Jack (1), Cleatus Tumbleweed (1), Antonio Rodreigo (1)
First Champion Kid Jack
Last Champion Antonio Rodreigo
Longest Reign Antonio Rodreigo
Shortest Reign Kid Jack
Heaviest Champion Cleatus Tumbleweed
Lightest Champion Kid Jack
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)


Antonio Rodreigo the current holder of the Cup!

The ITF Ironman Cup was created by the New-NAW/APW Independent Training Facility to be used for their training superstars. On November 2015, the Ironman Cup was retired in favor of the ITF World Heavyweight Championship being the brand's sole prize. The final holder of the cup was Antonio Rodreigo. The Ironman Cup had one of the most interesting rules in CAW history. The rules vary depending on the match sake. The rules were as following.

  • The Cup can only be defended and won in multiple man matches that are elimination.
    • Battle Royals, Gauntlets, Scramble, Time Limit Brawls, ect.
    • Exception to this rule is a Singles Ironman Match which is acceptable.
  • The Cup can have specific rules in any match.
    • No pinfalls, No Submissions, Only Pinfalls, Only Submission, ect.
  • The Cup's holder must always be in the next match defending.
  • CAW's not training at the New-NAW/AWP Independent Training Facility can compete for the Cup also.
  • Only Original CAW's who are only signed to developmental leagues can compete for the cup.

ITF Ironman Cup Match History

Match Participants Winner Reign Defenses Match Type Match Rules


Kid Jack, Chest Bareback, Craven Moorehead, Jacob "Fully Forceful" Algar, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Jason James, Dale Von Deuce

Kid Jack 1 0 Lucky 7 Gauntlet *Pinfall/Over Top Rope Only *First 2 Eliminated Over Top Rope become Lumberjacks


Kid Jack (c) vs Hugo, Cleatus Tumbleweed, Hector Frost, Jason James

Cleatus Tumbleweed (and team) 1 0 The Formidable 4 Gauntlet *Pinfall or Submission


Cleatus Tumbleweed (c) vs Marcus Matrix vs Daniel Morgan vs Kid Jack vs Antonio Rodreigo vs Dale Von Deuce

Antonio Rodreigo 1 0+ The Horror Chamber *Pinfall or Submission
The ITF Ironman Cup is retired in favor of the ITF World Heavyweight Championship being the sole prize.