After a trend that originally started from the SMF Forums and Something Forums, It's Walleh Time decided to have its own End of Year Awards although only having completed its first show and a couple of Xtras. The Categories and Winners were:

Superstar of The Year : Matt Eichorn

  • Nominations: Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Matt Eichorn, Oshujax, TY.

2010 Best Xtra Superstar : Evan O'Shea (TX3)

  • Nominations:AJ Styles, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Perry Saturn, Shawn Dynasty, Sting, TX3

2010 Jobber of the Year : Tybalt

  • Nominations: Cowlex, Kung Fu Naki, Smokey, Tybalt

2010 Best Spot of the Year : Eddie Guerrero frogsplashes Steven Spriter from a Fountain

  • Nominations: Danny Jackpot Whisper in the Wind off the Ladder, Eddie Gurrerro Frog Splash from a Fountain onto Sprite, Hurricane knocks off both Rikishi and Javori from a Ladder.

Tag Team of The Year: Da Black APA (Danny Jackpot and Javori Smart)

  • Nominations:Da Black APA (Danneh and Javori), Acid Trip (Smokey and Cowlex), MASATA (Hurricane and Jesus Habinero), The Nation (The Rock and Rikishi)

2010 Best Foreign Superstar: Matt Eichorn (Hawaiian)

  • Nominations: Jesus Habinero (Mexican), Matt Eichorn (Hawaiian), Oshujax (Nifland), TY. (Japanese), Tybalt (Japanese)

2010 Best Newcomer of the Year Award: TY.

  • Nominations: Devil Goaat, Jesus Habinero, Steven Spriter, TY.

2010 Best Entrance Theme: Wake Me Up Before U GoGo (TX3's Theme)

  • Nominations: DGtheme2, Dunt Say Nuthin, Wake Me Up Before U GoGo

2010 Best Champion: Torrie Wilson

  • Nominations: Brock Lesnar, Danny Jackpot, Jesus Habinero, Matt Eichorn, Rhyno, The Rock, Shawn Dynasty, Torrie Wilson, TY.

Best Devil Animal Combination: Devil Goat

  • Nominations: Devil Goat, Swagger's Eagle.

2010 Best Nigger Award: Javori Smart

  • Nominations: Javori Smart, Matt Eichorn, Sultan Shetty

Best GM Award: Suspect

  • Nominations: Suspect, Mr. McMahon

Best CPV Name Award: SuspectMania

Best Award Award: Best Devil Animal Combination Award

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