IWT KO-I Tag Team Championship
Render tag team championship
Current champion(s) Coca Cola Can & Black Shawn Dynasty
Date Won February 11th, 2013
League IWT
Introduced October 3, 2010
Most reigns
First Champion MASATA (Jesus Habinero and Hurricane)
Last Champion
Longest Reign The UnAmericans
Shortest Reign
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The Tag Team Titles in IWT defended by Tag Teams. KO-I stands for King of IWT which is a parody from Dramatic Dream Team's KO-D. Formed to showcase prominence of tag team wrestling and teamwork, the team which wins this prestigous title have their names engraved as the most dominant tag team. This is the World Tag Team Title within IWT and is the only one considered for Triple Crown or Grandslam Contendership.

Wrestler: Times Date Won Defenses Days Held Defeated

Mexicans and Superheroes are Totally Awesome (MASATA)
Jesus Habinero(1) and The Hurricane (1)

1 October 3, 2010 0 296 The Nation and Da Black APA

The Nation
The Rock(1) and Rikishi(1)

1 July 26, 2011 0 199 MASATA

The UnAmericans
Brent Harvanator(1) and Evan O'Shea(1)

1 Feb 10, 2012 0 360 The Nation
Title Vacated for FNW & IWT Make A Statement
Coca Cola Can (1) & Black Shawn Dynasty (1) 1 Feb 11, 2013 0 1863+ 3 Teams (Walleh/Derek, Liana/Raden, Polebag/Groovy Molester)
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