King of the Quads
King of Quads is a one-night tournament promoted by the IWT wrestling promotion. It is a take on the Team Battle Royal Match with 4 Teams taking part each with 4 Members Each.The championship trophy is a briefcase with a Bajillion Dollar spending money for the winning team.


The first King of the Quads match took place on Power Episode 3. Suspect is credited on screen with the creation of this match type after seeing King of Trios being done in various other promotions. The eventual winner being Team NAW Invasion with Black Shawn Dynasty pinning Matt Eichorn in the final moments.

The Teams that took place are as follows:

  • Team Movement: Mason Kronik, AQUADOMAINIAN, Stone Cold Wade Barrett and Masterbubu
  • Team We're Not Gonna Lose: Damar Helms, Arcan, Republican Ho and Coca Cola Can
  • Team NAW Invasion: Danny Jackpot, Biff Andreas, Waluigi and Black Shawn Dynasty
  • Team Wake Me Up Before U Haiwain: Evan O'Shea, Brent Harvanator, Haduken and Matt Eichorn.

Team Results

Entrant Number Team Captain Order Eliminated # of Eliminations
Team Movement Mason Kronik 2 4
Team NAW Invasion Danny Jackpot Winner 7
Team We're Not Gonna Lose Damar Helms 1 1
Team Wake Me Up Before U Haiwain Evan O'Shea 3 3

Individual Results

Entrant Number Competitor Name Eliminated By # of Eliminations
1 Mason Kronik Biff Andreas -
2 Danny Jackpot Evan O'Shea -
3 Damar Helms Biff Andreas -
4 Evan O'Shea Aquadomainian 1
5 Biff Andreas Republican Ho 3
6 Arcan Biff Andreas -
7 Aquadomainian Waluigi 1
8 Brent Harvanator Waluigi -
9 Republican Ho SCWB 1
10 Waluigi Masterbubu 2
11 Stone Cold Wade Barrett Haduken 1
12 Coca Cola Can Masterbubu -
13 Haduken Black Shawn Dynasty 1
14 Masterbubu Matt Eichorn 2
15 Black Shawn Dynasty WINNER 2
16 Matt Eichorn Black Shawn Dynasty 1


The second King of the Quads Match was announced in Febuary 2012 with the three of the teams now being decided by the fans joined by a Mystery Team.

Team Torn Quads: Kevin Nash's Quad, Triple H's Quad, Vince McMahon's Left Quad, & Vince McMahon's Right Quad.

Team canirapeyouanally: Matt Eichorn, Danny Jackpot, Biff Andreas, hotcobraguy95

Team Lemon Twist: Coca Cola Can (With Lemon), Steven Spriter (With Lemon), CM Punk (With Lemon), Jesus Habinero (With Lemon)

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