IWT LBGT World Championship
TNA X 003
Current champion(s) Immortal Steven
Date Won July 4, 2011
League IWT
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Most reigns Jason Matthews & Mountie Otto
First Champion Jason Matthews
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Longest Reign Mountie Otto
Shortest Reign Jason Matthews
Heaviest Champion Jason Matthews
Lightest Champion Mountie Otto
Other Name(s) IWT X-Division Championship
Past design(s)

The IWT Lesbian Bi Gay Transexual World Championship (Formerly X-Division or Xtra Division Championship) is a title currently contested in It's Walleh Time. The First champion is Jason Matthews who was awarded the belt by GM Suspect on June 22, 2011. With the reign of Immortal Steven the title was officially renamed.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Days Held: Notes:
Jason Matthews 1 14 Awarded the Title
Mountie Otto 1 352 Flaming Turnbuckles Match on Xtra 6
Title Renamed to IWT LBGT World Championship
Immortal Steven 1 35 Triple Threat Match on Xtra 17
Emily O'Shea 1 2067 Singles Match on Xtra 6969
e v It's Walleh Time Championships
World: World Heavyweight Championship
Midcard: IWT Japanese Championship
Undercard: IMHW · X-Division
Tag Team: King Of-IWT Tag Team · Legends Tag Team
Other: IWT Legends Championship · Other IWT Accomplishments