IWT One Night Stand
IWT One Night Stand
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Promotion IWT
Date 30th April 2011
Venue Staples Center
City Los Angeles, California
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Last Event N/A
Next Event FNW & IWT Make A Statement

This is the very first CPV of It's Walleh Time, The Event being a 12 Man Tournament to decide the World Heavyweight Champion. The whole CPV had matches with No Disqualification and a Hardcore stipulation.


It was several months after the first episode of IWT Power had come out and no production had taken place after that. GM Suspect decided that something had to be done and IWT needed a World Champion to continue moving on to the future. He announced the tournament and hand picked the participants himself. The card however is based on random selection due to prevent any biased matches from occuring.

# Match Match Type Commentary
Preshow J222 def The Suspect, Danny Jackpot and Caylen Rogers Pros Battle Royal (2 Wins added to the record) Uncommentated
1 Oshujax def Coca Cola Can First Round Tournament Match Derek
2 Matt Eichorn def TY. First Round Tournament Match Derek
3 Blake def Stone Cold Wade Barrett First Round Tournament Match Derek
4 Kenzo Suzuki def CYBERDOMAINIAN First Round Tournament Match Derek
5 Devil Goat def Javori Smart First Round Tournament Match Derek
6 Steven Spriter def Mountie Otto First Round Tournament Match Hellsonlychild
7 Blake def Oshujax and Matt Eichorn Semi Final Tournament Match Hellsonlychild
8 Kenzo Suzuki def Steven Spriter and Devil Goat Semi Final Tournament Match Hellsonlychild
Main Event Kenzo Suzuki def Blake Finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Walleh and Koolaid

Tournament Entrants

IWT decided to announce the entrants using a Countdown:

# Entrant
1 Coca Cola Can
2 Mountie Otto
3 Matt Eichorn
4 Stone Cold Wade Barrett
5 Steven Spriter
6 Kenzo Suzuki
7 Blake
8 Javori Smart
9 TY.
10 Devil Goat
11 Oshujax
12 Cyberdomainian
e v It's Walleh Time
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