This article documents every match that occurs during Season One of It's Walleh Time. IWT uses two sets of numbering, one for its Main Shows (Power and Pass Out) and the other for Xtra's. Hardcore Madness sections are left unmentioned

Main Shows

Power Episode 1

Pass Out Episode 2

Power Episode 3

  • Team NAW Invasion def Team WMUBYHW, Team Movement and Team We're Not Gonna Lose (King of the Quads Match)


Webmatch 17/12/2009

Webmatch 12/7/2010

Webmatch 14/7/2010:

Webmatch 16/8/2010

IWT Xtra 1

IWT Xtra 2

IWT Xtra 3

IWT Xtra 4

IWT Xtra 5

IWT Xtra 6

IWT Xtra 7

IWT Xtra 8

IWT Xtra 9

  • Verne Gagne def Jeff Hardy w/ Shawn Heritage (Hardcore Match with Exposed Concrete and Barbedwire Ropes)

IWT Xtra 10

  • Louden Styles def "The Immortal" Steven (Public Execution Match)

IWT Xtra 11

  • Suspect def Alex Wright

IWT Xtra 12

  • Yoshi Tatsu def Danny Jackpot

IWT Xtra 13

IWT Xtra 14

IWT Xtra 15

IWT Xtra 16

IWT Xtra 17

  • Immortal Steven def Mountie Otto and Chase Burger (New IWT X-Division Champion)

IWT Xtra 18

IWT Xtra 19

IWT Xtra 21

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