IWT World Heavyweight Championship
SMF Action Star Belt
Current champion(s) Oshujax
Date Won July 26, 2011
League IWT
Introduced April 30, 2011
Retired July 29, 2012
Most reigns Kenzo Suzuki, Biff Andreas, Oshujax (1 reign each)
First Champion Kenzo Suzuki
Last Champion Oshujax
Longest Reign Oshujax
Shortest Reign Biff Andreas
Heaviest Champion Oshujax
Lightest Champion Biff Andreas
Other Name(s) IWT World Title
Past design(s)

This is the biggest accomplishment in IWT, The World Title. Although the word Heavyweight is used in its name, any Male superstar can attain this prize.

As there is currently no brand split with IWT, the champion must turn up to both Power and Pass Out. Kenzo Suzuki was the first World Champion winning a 12-Man Tournament at IWT One Night Stand.

Following 2 months of inactivity, Biff defeated Kenzo to win the World title following the assistance of the special guest referee Danny Jackpot. GM Suspect intervened later causing Biff to defend his title immediately against his "Chosen One" Oshujax who made quick work of Biff and is the current Champion.

Title History

Wrestler: Times Date Won Defenses Days Held Notes
Kenzo Suzuki 1 April 30, 2011 0 88 Defeated Blake in the finals of IWT One Night Stand
Biff Andreas 1 July 27, 2011 0 0 (5 mins) Defeated Kenzo Suzuki with the help of Special Ref Danny Jackpot
Oshujax 1 July 27, 2011 0 369 Defeated Biff Andreas after the Main Event of Pass Out Episode 2
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Midcard: IWT Japanese Championship
Undercard: IMHW · X-Division
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