Battle Of Reno Nevada
Tagline(s) N/A
Theme Song(s) Lady, You Shot Me - Har Mar Superstar
Promotion iWU
Brands N/A
Date January 5, 2015 - January 8, 2015
Venue Caesars Palace
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Attendance 41,000+
Event chronology
← Previous
First Event
Next →
iWU Spicy Nights
Battle Of Reno Nevada was the first ever iWU CPV event held. It (so far) is the only event to be held for four continuous days and only host tournament matches throughout the card. The first ever BORN tournament/event was held to crown the first ever iWU Champion. The festival set the foundation for the company.



  First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Eighty Three Pin  
 Vito De Luca -  
   Eighty Three Pin  
   Kaydin Helix -  
 Big Roy Robinson Pin
 Kaydin Helix -  
   Korey Platinum Pin  
   Eighty Three -  
 Kevin Bane Pin  
 Johnny Snypes Jr -  
   Kevin Bane -
   Korey Platinum Pin  
 Korey Platinum Pin
 Matt Modell-Monroe -  
   Korey Platnum Pin
   The Mortal Reaper -
 The Vice Pin  
 Nico De Luca -  
   The Vice -
   The Mortal Reaper Submission  
 The Mortal Reaper Submission
 Justen Reizo -  
   Ray Huffman -
   The Mortal Reaper Pin  
 Kevin Ace Pin  
 Lyle Houghton -  
   Kevin Ace Pin
   Ray Huffman -  
 Ray Huffman Pin
 Junior Giovanni -  

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