The Insane CAW Wrestling Federation is a brand new CAW league expected to debut within the next 2 months. It will be run by brand new faces to the world of CAW wrestling, RobbyH and Jason Holdsworth. The Fed's matches will be run on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 for the Xbox 360.



  1. Aaron Epic
  2. "The Poster Boy" Alex Stardom
  3. "That Guy" Austin
  4. BGF
  5. Big Nick Svyzek
  6. Courtney Riley
  7. Creature of the Night
  8. Deranged
  9. Dominic Ruch
  10. Dr. Molesto
  11. Dynamite
  12. Erica
  13. Fenix Statick
  14. Ficken Chucker
  15. Fredric Butterworth II
  16. Gabriel Eagen
  17. Gina
  18. haVok
  19. Henz Hollywood
  20. Jason Holdsworth (co-founder)
  21. Jemediah Simpson
  22. Jesus H. Guzzetti
  23. Johnny Adams
  24. Josh "Scarface" Evans
  25. Ken Stylez
  26. Lt. Vince Johnson
  27. Magnum Kobe
  28. Maniac
  29. Masked Man
  30. "Superman" Millet
  31. Mistress Delilah
  32. Oliver Stylez
  33. Owen Statick
  34. Party Boy
  35. Psycho
  36. Rey Raymondo
  37. RobbyH (co-founder)
  38. Rusty
  39. Ryan
  40. Shiggles
  41. Sireena
  42. Spyder
  43. Theresa "The Natural"
  44. Tyrone Pryce
  45. War General
  46. Wonderboy
  • Tag Teams/Stables
    • The Stylez Guyz (Ken and Oliver Stylez)
    • Virgin Island Vaccine (Fenix and Owen Statick)
    • U.S. Armed Forces (Lt. Vince Johnson and War General)
    • Aaron Epic & Henz Hollywood
    • Masked Man & Mistress Delilah
    • Anonymous Invasion (Masked Man, Psycho, Creature of the Night, and Mistress Delilah)

Once the roster reaches 50 Superstars, there will be a dual-branded ICWF Draft, where the results will be posted on Ustream at a later date.

Now Hiring

ICWF is now accepting application forms (CAW formulas) for use on our show. There are 4 open slots, so contact RobbyH259 at for info, or just visit this thread on the site:

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