Intercontinental Championship
Current champion(s) Amir Barnes
Date Won Survivor Series: Royal Rumble
League New-WWE
Brand Raw
Introduced 2009
Retired -
Most reigns Dolph Ziggler, Javori Smart, Caylen Rogers, Brent Harvanator, Danny Jackpot
First Champion CM Punk
Last Champion -
Longest Reign Matt Eichorn (1st reign)
Shortest Reign Phil Collins (1st reign)
Heaviest Champion El Jefe (598 lbs)
Lightest Champion Lil Ham (103 lbs)
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s) 022interc Intercontinental Championship

The Intercontinental Championship is a midcard title in New-WWE. It debuted as part of Raw, where it was defended until Master Bubu won the championship as a member of the Smackdown brand, moving it. It remained there until the Season 6 draft, which resulted in champion Jack Swagger being drafted to Raw, bringing it back to Raw. Starting in the middle of season 6, superstars of either brand were allowed to compete for it. However, following the return of the brand extension in Season 10, the title became exclusive to Smackdown after Rusev was drafted there during his title reign. It would later be brought over to Raw when Roman Reigns was traded to Raw in the Season 11 Superstar Shakeup in the midst of his title reign. The first Intercontinental Champion in the CAW adaptation of New-WWE was CM Punk. The current champion is Amir Barnes, who is in his second reign as champion. Only Matt Eichorn has had the longest reign. El Jefe is the heaviest champion to date. Lil Ham is the lightest champion ever.

Wrestler: Times: Notes: Brand:
CM Punk 1 Defeated MVP and Mr. MITB on Raw Raw
Mr. MITB 1 Defeated CM Punk and Charlie Haas at Summerslam. Raw
Lil Ham 1 Defeated Mr. MITB on Raw. Raw
Mr. MITB 2 Defeated Lil Ham in a Ladder Match at Survivor Series Raw
John "Bradshaw" Layfield 1 Defeated Carlito, Nic, and Santino Marella on Raw Raw
Christian 1 Defeated JBL on Superstars ECW
Phil Collins 1 Defeated Christian on Superstars Raw
Christian 2 Defeated Phil Collins on Superstars Raw
Allan Caesar III 1 Defeated Christian and El Jefe at Cyber Sunday Raw
El Jefe 1 Defeated Allan Caesar III at Judgment Day 2 Raw
Master Bubu 1 Defeated El Jefe on Superstars Smackdown
Title moved to Smackdown as a result of Master Bubu's title win.
Danny Jackpot 1 Defeated Master Bubu at Night of Champions Smackdown
Lemarcus Carter 1 Defeated Danny Jackpot at Summerslam 2 with the help of El Jefe. Smackdown
Jason Hawkinz 1 Defeated Lemarcus Carter at Unforgiven 2. Smackdown
Mr. MITB 3 Defeated Jason Hawkinz at Royal Rumble 2. Changed ring-name to Caylen Rogers shortly afterward. Smackdown
Kage 1 Defeated Caylen Rogers at Cyber Sunday 2 with the help of Javori Smart. Smackdown
Dolph Ziggler 1 Defeated Kage at Judgment Day 3. Smackdown
Dorf Liggleton 1 Defeated Dolph Ziggler, Javori Smart, and Biff Andreas in a Tables Match on Smackdown. Smackdown
Javori Smart 1 Defeated Dorf Liggleton and Christian at The Bash 2. Smackdown
Chris Jericho 1 Defeated Javori Smart on Smackdown. Smackdown
John Morrison 1 Defeated Chris Jericho in a Cage Match on Smackdown. Smackdown
Bryan Davis 1 Defeated John Morrison at Royal Rumble 3. Smackdown
Brent Harvanator 1 Defeated Bryan Davis at WrestleMania VI. Smackdown
Giant Guppy 1 Defeated Brent Harvanator at Extreme Rules 3. Smackdown
Brent Harvanator 2 Defeated Giant Guppy and Hannah Layla at Night of Champions 3. Smackdown
Evan Bourne 1 Defeated Brent Harvanator on Smackdown. Smackdown
Brent Harvanator 3 Defeated Evan Bourne at Hell in a Cell 2. Smackdown
Jack Swagger 1 Defeated Brent Harvanator, Lemarcus Carter, and Evan Bourne at Summerslam 4. Smackdown
Wade Barrett 1 Defeated Jack Swagger, Belmont, and Kofi Kingston in a Ladder Match at TLC 2. Smackdown
Chris Jericho 2 Defeated Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Evan Bourne on Smackdown. Raw
Title remains on Smackdown despite Jericho winning it, and Jericho appears on both Raw and Smackdown during his reign.
Javori Smart 2 Defeated Chris Jericho on Smackdown. Smackdown
Danny Jackpot 2 Defeated Javori Smart at Cyber Sunday 3. Smackdown
Javori Smart 3 Defeated Danny Jackpot in a TLC match at Extreme Rules 4. Smackdown
Dolph Ziggler 2 Defeated Javori Smart in an Extreme Rules match on Smackdown. Smackdown
The Wingmaster 1 Defeated Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam 5. Smackdown
Dolph Ziggler 3 Defeated The Wingmaster at Breaking Point 4. Smackdown
Jack Swagger 2 Defeated Dolph Ziggler and Alex Riley at Royal Rumble 5. Smackdown
Title moved to Raw as a result of Jack Swagger being drafted there during his reign.
TRS 1 Defeated Jack Swagger, Sheamus, and Alex Riley at Money in the Bank 2. Raw
Christopher Cauckel 1 Defeated TRS at Vengeance. Raw
Alex Riley 1 Defeated Christopher Cauckel at Hell in a Cell 4. Raw
Matt Eichorn 1 Defeated Alex Riley at Over the Limit 4. Raw
Biff Andreas 1 Defeated Matt Eichorn and Big Show at Extreme Rules 6. Smackdown
Evan O'Shea 1 Defeated Biff Andreas at Money in the Bank 3 with assistance from Big Show. Smackdown
Kofi Kingston 1 Defeated O'Shea at Vengeance 2. Raw
Cody Rhodes 1 Defeated Kofi Kingston and Andrew Liana on Raw. Raw
Tyler King 1 Defeated Cody Rhodes at Royal Rumble 7. Smackdown
Jacob Cass 1 Defeated Tyler King at WrestleMania X. Smackdown
Zach Starr 1 Defeated Jacob Cass on Raw. Smackdown
Jacob Cass 2 Defeated Zach Starr on Smackdown. Raw
Title vacated following Jacob Cass' WWE Championship win.
Athouse 1 Defeated Damien Sandow, Sheamus, Matt Eichorn, R-Truth, and Cesaro on Raw. Smackdown
Wade Barrett 2 Defeated Athouse at WrestleMania XI. Smackdown
Sheamus 1 Defeated Wade Barrett at Payback. Smackdown
The Miz 1 Defeated Sheamus at No Mercy 3. Raw
Big E 1 Defeated The Miz at Night of Champions 8. Raw
Christopher Cauckel 2 Defeated Big E at TLC 7. Raw
Steven Raden 1 Defeated Christopher Cauckel, Belmont, and Andrew Liana in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania XII. Smackdown
Rusev 1 Defeated Steven Raden at Payback 2. Raw
Title becomes exclusive to Smackdown as a result of Rusev being drafted there during his reign as part of the Season 10 Brand Extension.
Danny Jackpot 3 Defeated Rusev at No Mercy 4. Smackdown
Andrew Liana 1 Defeated Danny Jackpot at Royal Rumble 10 with the help of Zach Starr. Smackdown
Roman Reigns 1 Defeated Andrew Liana, Sebastian Cruise, The Miz, Zach Starr, and Danny Jackpot in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania XIII. Smackdown
Title becomes exclusive to Raw as a result of Roman Reigns being traded there during his reign as part of the Season 11 Superstar Shakeup.
Dean Ambrose 1 Defeated Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 10. Raw
Amir Barnes 1 Defeated Dean Ambrose at Summerslam XI. Raw
Steven Raden 2 Defeated Amir Barnes in a Tables Match at TLC 9. Raw
Amir Barnes 2 Defeated Steven Raden at Survivor Series: Royal Rumble. Raw
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