Internet Championship Wrestling League
Acronym ICWL
Establishment December 28th - Present
Owner(s) Shadow Joker, Danny Jackpot (ICWL GM)
Staff Shadow Joker
Formerly N/A
Website ICWL YouTube

Internet Championship Wrestling League (ICWL) is a upcoming CAW League that 'partly' debuted on December 28th 2009 with a preview show that featured ICWL superstars and several from NAW, Jeri-MAX and New-WWE. The ICWL roster is mostly made up of originals but does feature a few celebrities. The ICWL, despite being a predominantly original league, takes a satirical approach rather than the typical serious theme that many original leagues choose to adopt. ICWL has only one episodic show, ICWL Attitude, unlike other leagues that usually have two. The first episode of Attitude is set to debut in 2010.


ICWL is deemed by it's owner as the successor to Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment, a CAW league that was on YouTube during 2008. The league was well received but was closed after it's first CPV because of time problems. The owner wanted to revivie XWE but because of it had been dead for a year and a half he decided to start anew. The ICWL was conceived on the SMF Forums during December 2009 by Shadow Joker and creative input from Soundwave. ICWL debuted with a preview show on December 28th 2009 featuring stars from New-WWE, Jeri-MAX and NAW to promote the show. The show was done entirely using the Story Designer on WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2010 for Xbox 360. The storyline featured El Jefe being targeted by a conspirator who tried to run him over two times, succeeding once. This show also featured the on-screen debuts of several ICWL superstars including ICWL GM, Danny Jackpot.


It is unknown at this time if ICWL will feature a divas division or not.

ICWL Championships

The championships of ICWL have yet to be announced but will almost certainly feature a World title of some degree.

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