JFW Hardcore Championship
Current champion(s) Kenzo Suzuki
Date Won January 21, 2014
League Jordan Federation Wrestling
Introduced October 1st, 2011
Most reigns
First Champion Anthony Washington
Last Champion
Longest Reign Michael Cole
Shortest Reign Sheamus
Heaviest Champion Undertaker
Lightest Champion Anthony Washington
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The JFW Hardcore title is a title currently defended in Jordan Federation Wrestling. As of October 1, 2011 the 24/7 rule has been put into effect.The Current Champ is Kenzo Suzuki.

Wrestler: Times: Days Held: Notes: Event:
Anthony Washington 1 36 Defeated Marcus Nash in a Parking Lot Brawl JFW House Show
Ryu 1 16 Defeated Marcus Nash, Ken, Big Show, Anthony Washington in a Scramble Match JFW Fast & Furious
Sheamus 1 7 Defeated Ryu JFW Fast & Furious
Arn Anderson 1 110 Defeated Sheamus. JFW Speed
Undertaker 1 136 Defeated Arn Anderson JFW Heatwave 2
Edge 1 0 Defeated Undertaker JFW House Show
Christian 1 0 Defeated Edge JFW House Show
The Crippler 1 0 Defeated Christian JFW House Show
Dan Doomsday 1 0 Defeated The Crippler JFW House Show
DJ Jordan 1 0 Defeated Dan Doomsday JFW House Show
Derek The V Extreme 1 0 Defeated DJ Jordan JFW House Show
JBL 1 0 Defeated Derek The V Extreme JFW House Show
Kevin Nash 1 15 Defeated JBL JFW House Show
Michael Cole 1 526 Defeated Kevin Nash JFW House Show
Kenzo Suzuki 1 1+ Won 40 man Battle Royal JFW Back In Business