Current champion(s) Max Asshole
Date Won June 15th, 2017
League Jeff Jarrett Pro Wrestling
Introduced 2010
Retired 2017
Most reigns Cocksucker Davis, Cunt Maxwell
First Champion Giant Guppy
Last Champion Max Asshole
Longest Reign AJ Styles X
Shortest Reign Brendan Frasier
Heaviest Champion Giant Guppy
Lightest Champion Hannah Layla
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date Won Days Held Notes:
Giant Guppy 1 6th July 2010 5 Defeated Thunder Lang on the debut show.
Hannah Layla 1 11th July 2010 322 Defeated Giant Guppy at HARDOCR E RESSUARETON (sic).
AJ Styles X 1 29th May 2011 1000 Defeated Hannah Layla and Kaval at CAWllision 5.
Cocksucker Davis 1 22nd February 2014 56 Awarded the belt.
Armin Meiwes 1 19th April 2014 1 Threatened to cut Jeff Jarrett's penis off and eat it if he wasn't given the championship right away.
Cocksucker Davis 2 20th April 2014 484 fuck you mothrfucker
Josh Bales 1 17th August 2015 6 Pinned Cocksucker Davis after hitting him over the head with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels
Epic Crazy Lady 1 23rd August 2015 6 Defeated Josh Bales at 900 Collins Road after she showed him what a whoopin' is.
Yoshi Tatsu 1 29th August 2015 2 hours won a match.
Cocksucker Davis 3 29th August 2015 1 Awarded the belt after Yoshi Tatsu was racially discriminated against.
Cunt Maxwell 1 30th August 2015 A little over a half an hour By way of pinfall
Brendan Frasier 1 30th August 2015 A couple minutes Stole the belt
Title vacated after Brendan Frasier attempted to sell the championship in order to pay for his ex-wife's annual $900,000 alimony payment.
Cunt Maxwell 2 30th August 2015 1 Defeated Shane Douglas, Jackson Andrews, Happy Vim The Clown, Thunder Lang, Charles "Taint Licker" Morales, Naomi, Cocksucker Davis, Suplex Salleza, "The War Machine" Rhino, AJ Styles X, and AJ Styles in a 12-Way Submission Match
Bram 1 31st August 2015 6 Defeated Cunt Maxwell and then went to jail
cash money 1 6th September 2015 1 won the title
Daniel "The Toll Booth Operator" Bryan 1 7th September 2015 1 cash money ironically didn't have enough money to pay for Daniel Bryan's toll booth before entering the ring, so he offered his championship belt in exchange.
Barberino 1 8th September 2015 5 Pinned Bryan in 18 seconds following a Brogue Kick.
Charles "Taint Licker" Morales 1 12th September 2015 4 Defeated Barberino following his patented Salad Tosser finishing maneuver.
Pvt. Part 1 16th September 2015 1 Defeated Charles "Taint Licker" Morales at a live show hosted by New-WWE superstar Biff Andreas.
Hade Vansen 1 17th September 2015 3 whooped his ass
Alex Wright 1 20th September 2015 11 he had a hell of a wictory.
Cunt Maxwell 3 1st October 2015 0 Firmly planted Alex Wright's shoulders to the mat for 3 seconds.
Alex Wright 2 1st October 2015 2 Immediately enacted his rematch clause and showed Cunt Maxwell what the Germans are about.
Jimmy Snuka 1 3rd October 2015 0 Alex Wright was found in his hotel room with a bashed in skull. When the police questioned Snuka who had spent the night about it he said Alex gave him the title before he left the hotel.
Big Bossman 1 3rd October 2015 0 After Alex Wright allegedly gave Snuka the title, Big Bossman arose from his long sleep and with the heart of a true policeman arrested Snuka and kept the title as evidence.
Deputy Martin 1 3rd October 2015 7 Defeated Big Bossman at Big Daddy's Pizza.
Baron Corbin 1 9th October 2015 2 it was the end of days for martin's title reign.
Terry Legdrop 1 11th October 2015 14 After Baron Corbin hurt Terry's friends and his pride, he had to be a man, he couldn't let it slide.
Baron Corbin 2 24th October 2015 0 it was the end of days for terry's title reign
bret tompkinson 1 24th October 2015 7 earned a hard-fought victory
R-Truth 1 31st October 2015 8 granted the title due to affirmative action
Bonecrusher Stevenson 1 8th November 2015 2 Locked his opponent in Matt Hardy's brutal Ice Pick submission maneuver
Title vacated after Bonecrusher Stevenson injured his rectum, sigmoid colon, and internal anal sphincter in Dublin, Ireland during a house show.
AJ Styles 1 10th November 2015 71 Defeated Sgt. Hardin, Rhino, and Cocksucker Davis in a fatal four way match for the vacant title.
Kike Shekelstein 1 20th January 2016 9 hiptoss.
AJ Styles 2 29th January 2016 66 Kike didn't want none.
UltimateGMRX 1 15th March 2016 20 defeeted aj stalls after a sueplix witch was enuf to put him down for a pin.
Title vacated after UltimateGMRX left the company citing discontent towards management.
Knuckles McKinley 1 4th April 2016 2 this big strong motherfucker came in and sent fools to the cemetery
Bonecrusher Stevenson 2 15th March 2016 436 Returned from injury to defeat Knuckles McKinley in an inspiring performance.
Max Asshole 1 15th June 2017 281 fucked him up